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  1. I didn't pay 30$ for a game, to have the seasonal content optional

  2. All you need to know before the Future saga is that Ratchet&Clank saved the galaxy numerous times by that point, and including Dr Nefarious, who was bullied by Qwark in the past.


  4. They could add Lazarus pit, which would corrupt his mind.

  5. I want to coop with 3 of my friends.

  6. Then 3 controllers through this small adapter can lead to even 0.5 second lag

  7. Well, PC is not made to be a "party gaming system" like a console is, so cables? If not, then bluetooth adapter, but be prepared that it might not be perfect, but you may also not even notice the lag.

  8. 120Hz modes drop the resolution to 1440p or even 1080p sometimes and even drop graphical detail to hit the 120fps target. It's definitely gonna look worse compared to 60fps modes or native 4k modes.

  9. So we got to the point where we say 1080p is blurry and looks bad?

  10. Lets stop spreading this idea. You are wrong. There are milestones for both the sovereigns AND each trading company (by way of handing it in). You absolutely get milestone progression for turning in to the Sovereigns. You ALSO get Reputation AND emissary bonus if applicable without needing to take them to the individual tents.

  11. But I didn't say you don't get commedations, emissary, etc. Only those that are based around selling loot TO the faction. Shoving words I didn't say in my mouth is just plain ignorant.

  12. Still counts, got to g.h.5 last night turned it all Ina t the sovereigns. Still got paid my emissary value money and got my milestones

  13. Wait, you're telling me a single Spider-Man game sold better than the entire, 20 year old R&C franchise COMBINED?

  14. I`m keen to see if anyone manages to do the "hit yourself with 50 firebombs a day and let them burn fully, every day for two real time years" milestone.

  15. That milestrone is more of just showing how long you've been on fire. Seeing that milestones don't have a tier limit, that one is more of a stat, rather than achievment

  16. Flashbacks to explain Ratchets doubt to the newer audience. Also the FUCKING HOLOFLUX ARMOR

  17. I widzisz jak się chłop potrzaskał

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