1. Are you two close somehow? Like are you actually friends? If it's just a coworker that you don't have much intimacy with I'd suggest you leave it.

  2. we've been working together for little over a year now not close close outside of work but pretty close at workplace, kinda like favourite coworker relationship, but still, she's a rebel person and I don't want to make our current relationship weird or get an angry response by addressing this to her. i think it's better if i do this by 3rd party voice. like HR or someone who has to do that type of stuff.

  3. if people are badmouthing her, you confront those people and tell them it bothers you. you don't blame HER. leave her alone.

  4. i'd like to note that the branch now has over 50 local employees and maybe 7-8 are not religious. me her and 4 others are foreigners. call me a coward that's your judgement, but odds of this turning around on me is quite high. it can be very easily avoided by a simple dress code, she can put something with stronger material, bra is not a necessity.

  5. I've had just about every injury you could imagine but I'd say the worse was when my transport went over a IED and I got metal shrapnel flung into my legs

  6. how long did the adrenaline last like few seconds and then realisation of what's happening and Pain?

  7. Does having a bike handle go right through my cheek when I was a teen count?

  8. few questions, how? was it more of Pain or shock? I don't imagine a lot of blood from cheeks, am i wrong? did it leave a cheek hole? if yes, did you ever try to drink through it w straw? that's all im asking.

  9. i had to go home from the bar, but i ended up with no money for taxi and had to take a long long walk.

  10. Hey man sorry this happened bro. You never know man, I never listen to music at quiet areas when it’s dark. Alert at all time, phone in pocket as much as possible. One on one fights are fine but it’s never the case. Anyway hope your teeth are ok man, shit happens and just learn from them. All the best boss.

  11. yea i'm honestly glad i just got punched few times and that was the end of it... i can replace phone and stuff as long as i'm healthy right? haha.

  12. I’m fat, fat in wrong places, currently i’m below 6 for sure even if my face is kinda attractive 🧔🏼‍♀️

  13. U’re confusing positive delusion from negative one, if u want to actually be better, think of it this way, there are pol who’s delusions make world a harder place to live, and there are delusions which make it easier to live, and this one is specifically for 1 type of ppl, ugly mofos cuz we don’t wanna leave the game early on purpose iykwim. It doesn’t hurt ur pretty face now does it?

  14. Only thing i was looking for was someone with code.

  15. not getting something you really want and seeing others who don't seem to have wanted it as much as you did and still get it.

  16. when i sit in bathroom for few minutes at home rest free.

  17. Reading comprehension. It’s really important. Trying to cover up your lack of comprehension with a piss poor joke 🤦🏼‍♀️

  18. clearly u're not forgiven with mistakes. this was one example, ur kids were others.

  19. Poor Americans will be left out with their 02/22/22.

  20. So if ur ace what did u mean when u said "masturbation without attraction to someone isn't a thing for me" cuz isn't that the exact opposite of ace, having sexual attraction to people?

  21. ace doesn't mean that im not attracted towards anyone, there are different types of ace. for me, i do not have any intention or wish to have sex with anyone. i do have attraction towards women, it's the sex part that I do not want. i like things in theory/fantasy but not in reality.

  22. oh fuck i didn't read correctly.... jesus i was so confused how ppl would chat about sandwich sensually

  23. i think it's bi polar disorder but i don't think you have that. we are different around different people, that's a fact. do you act the same way around your parents that you do with your friends? no. i think you need some time to be alone, don't put any thought into what other people think of you and find out who YOU want to be and what makes YOU happy. I'm still going through this process myself so I'm not sure what to say other than that.

  24. i literally had this planned, i went away for 2-3 days by myself and it had affected me a lot and im soon leaving my job for starting my own stuff amd before i start, i'll give myself couple days/weeks of lone life so i get things straight in my head..

  25. It was the 31st ... This was a dad joke ... He became a father and he now lets you know

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