1. Playing with Kane who's incredibly lethal with both feet makes him so much better than some of these supposedly meta overpriced strikers. Not to mention his 68 pace feels like 88 although his elite positioning probably plays a part in that as well.

  2. You are not doing anything with Kane in Elite division. Stop it.

  3. Drogba has Maldini's face and body. EA are the worst company there is.

  4. Speeding the game up is fine in theory. What you fail to take into account is that when players are still unresponsive, faster speed just makes their lack of responsiveness stick out more. The game perpetually feels jerky and chaotic. Spamming pressure because you have no thumbs just stresses the already pathetic attacking AI more at higher speeds. The game hasn't gotten any better, it's literally just faster which I guess is enough for this community full of ADHD vegetables to applaud. You just do less building up play, spam the same shit over and over again and then convince yourself that it's skill. It isn't. It's literally just you returning to the Fifa 19 coocoon because every year enough of you beat your chests like mongo to get EA to roll the game back to a through ball simulator for you. You would rather pay EA new game prices to give you a game from 4 years ago than adapt and think about how you play. This is the dumbest game community in existence.

  5. I agree. The issues are deeper than “the game is slow” or “the game is fast” but complaining about the game being fast is nonsense. A faster game is better… fifa just sucks

  6. Impressive that he managed all this from inside Saliba's pocket.

  7. As cheap as he is right now, you'll only see him more.

  8. There'll probably be more downtime for maintenance soon.

  9. Martinelli with a better weak foot.

  10. Its easier to place higher in weekend league on ps5(more players and more casuals), but aside from that its the same game

  11. I don't know about this. You're more likely to run into great players at high ELO on PS5 because all of the pros are playing on it.

  12. I got back in. Took forever but servers seem to be up.

  13. The Iron Dome is incredibly effective in protecting Israel, but Israel doesn't want to upset Putin, so they don't help Ukraine too much

  14. As shit as the Russian military is, the missiles they are using are much more sophisticated than the unguided rockets that HAMAS use. As much as Israel is a disgusting apartheid state, there is nothing that the Iron Dome would really do to protect Ukraine from these sorts of attacks.

  15. Elite 1:RTTK Lemar, RTTK Terrier, Antony, Kroos, Verratti. Can't be upset with that.

  16. It is but I think it's one of the celebrations that only triggers when you score after the 75th minute.

  17. Me too. I'm on PS5, what consoles are you guys on?

  18. I don't think this is about FIFA. If your girlfriend told you it was "fine" just believe her and get on with your life bro. If she leaves you for a lengthy guy, it wasn't meant to be.

  19. I was also fortunate enough to pack him untradeable. He's a monster. I use him everywhere from CAM to RM to CM and even striker on occasion. He does everything pretty well.

  20. I have his gold and he's decent enough. I'm sure this card will be good but I would rather save the fodder for Flashback Thiago Silva. He'll be a bigger game changer at this point. Elite defenders are so much more important than Elite attackers(except Mbappe and the God tier Icons) right now.

  21. Then don't release the SBCs yet. There is no excuse for them being broken. You sound ridiculous. 😂

  22. I have his moments card on loan and he doesn’t do the signature celebration for me, my unreadable prime Ronaldinho does tho

  23. Thank you. Darn, that's what I thought.

  24. 3 duplicates. FU. Its been two years, i still havent played with r10

  25. Why would you not grind the 33 tokens to get him from swaps?

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