1. totally relate to that, It hurts so much to love someone that is bad for you, im going through the same thing, hope you get better soon friend

  2. It looks perfect on you, you're very pretty

  3. i wish the ones laughing when the bully was doing that got beaten too

  4. i have seen some cases where people mew in the wrong way and a lump under their chins keep showing up when they do it wrong, and sometimes i see a very small one under my chin

  5. No, not necessary that's due to wrong mewing technique

  6. really? thanks god, then i might be doing it right, thank you

  7. in my grandmas bathroom box drain, i was probably 10 or 11, it got stuck but i didnt panic, just waited for my dick to get softer and everything turned out fine, sometimes i imagine how the fuck would i get away from that situation if it didnt get softer or simply didnt come out, would probably need the firemen to help me

  8. damn girl, are you willing to make another baby?

  9. sometimes when i cut my hair i just lay down on my bed and dissociate, one specific time i felt so bad that i Just lay down and i felt time passing super fast, it was fast like i was sleeping but i was conscious the whole time

  10. You're very good looking, they're just a bunch of a-holes. Bullies Are Nothing But insecure people. Like they said, probably jealous. You're cute to death. I would like to see more of you to make sure.🙃

  11. thanks bro, i'll take some more pics someday If my self steem allows me to

  12. Why would you get bullied for that? Your not fat, skinny, or anything. Just right

  13. what do you mean by “replacing some of your teeth”? if you have some of them missing and your orthodontist moves other teeth to fill in the gaps that’s 1000% wrong and super dangerous.

  14. i dont know, thats literally the only thing he told me, but no, i have no teeth missing

  15. Damn, thank you so much for telling me that, i thought my problem was more simple than that but that's okay lol, thankfully i know another orthodontist in my city and he's the one who took care of my two cousins braces and my uncle told me that he's way better than the one im going. Can you tell me if you think that this thing that is happening to me can be stoping my skull bones from developing well not only from mewing but also from natural development?

  16. that's fucking sad but yeah i can relate lol

  17. yeah i started listening to them since around 2016, the first time i showed it to my friends they thought it was absolute shit, but the more they listened the more they enjoyed it. same thing with 100 gecs but we don’t talk about that.

  18. lol i got completely addicted to 100 gecs too for like an entire week i was listening to their music everyday all the time

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