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  1. Those are juat different types of AA, the one thats 0x with anisotropic filter is MSAA, which basically is one of the best looking form of AA, but also one of the heaviest. Try using it a 2x or 4x to see how the performance is for you. The other one in the bottom (smaa and fxaa), are not that demanding, but imo they look like shit in most games :)

  2. Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure which of my questions you're specifically addressing. I'm not very techy

  3. 2: yeah your'e right - but AFAIK should use 16x - is nearly 'free' for modern cards

  4. I don't have an issue with textures. It's the jagged edges of railings and curbs that I hate

  5. On your Racelab relative box, are those lap times best laps or previous laps?

  6. Previous lap, I have the best laps behind the PiP in the "Standings" box.

  7. and that's useful so you can sort of monitor how well theyre doing?

  8. Iracing is jagged city even if you somehow manage to get aa to 16x; not to mention something vr playable gpu wise. You get used to it after a while :p

  9. thanks. what settings should i try tho. just to make it a bit better

  10. you can force some antialiasing from the nvidia control panel. I'm able to pump it to 2x supersample in vr without losing too much performance

  11. Last season a friend and I started a setup shop. This season we start providing free data packs for the Formula Vee and MX5 rookie series. These data packs include hot lap videos and guide lap videos with detailed explanations as well as blap / olap files and telemetry via Garage61.

  12. Newbie: What are blap and olap? And what is Garage 61

  13. And do you do setups for the Vee or is that not needed because it's fixed? Does anyone ever adjust brake bias for the Vee?

  14. Also, the lap time in your Vee video for Tsukuba is kinda slow right?

  15. Came last in a race because of this. Thanks Logitech!

  16. I finished by smashing the car into a barrier and then retiring

  17. I had an issue too. Uninstalled and reinstalled ghub and that fixed it

  18. I had this too. Why did it happen? Came last because of this

  19. Nice. How much of an improvement did you notice from doing that? It's a non destructive mod right?

  20. Nice, so basically it's just a smaller cushion from a different headset, which brings the lenses closer to thyne eye, increasing the fov? Do you know what the fov increase in numerics is roughly? Are there any downsides to doing it and why don't HP just do it by default?

  21. In order to see people's custom paints, do I need to run the trading Paints software? Does it impede performance?

  22. In order to see custom skins on the cars, do you have to be running the Trading Paints software? Does it impede performance?

  23. Make sure that you have battery optimizations off or set to unrestricted as well. The only other suggestion I have is donating and downloading the sounds but webapps seems to do the trick for me, albeit not perfectly.

  24. Hmm yeh I have tried turning off battery optimisation. I am a donor, I can download the sounds as files?!

  25. Yeah it's not perfect, webapps works for me sometimes and others it starts to stop around 5-10 mins. Yeah if you're a donor you should have a button on the left-hand side of a generator that says "order as an audio file"

  26. That is an extremely helpful post. I agree with absolutely everything you've said and I'm really grateful you took the time to write that. Thank you. I will absolutely learn from everything you've said. Your calm explanations of things have also helped me to understand people's anger or directness in here.

  27. I’m running an AMD RX 6900XT GPU. It handles quads well enough for solid game play. To your point, the 4th monitor is an HDMI connection so 1440 @ 120hz. I use it to display track map and other info while racing.

  28. Cool. I have a 6600XT and I worry that sometimes it struggles with my single Samsung CHG90 super ultrawide. I have to run the graphics on preset 2 or 3 to get 144fps and even then it often dips to 100fps

  29. I see your point. Rarely do I ever get over 100 FPS during gameplay. I can usually obtain that in watching replays or spectating. But I’m content with 80-90 FPS for game play since I am pushing 10,240 x 1440 pixels.

  30. Cool. Maybe I should be happy with my average of around 120fps. However, is there any point in having a 140hz monitor if you can't push 140fps? (I can't remember if the monitor is 140 or 144hz)

  31. Won't you always have distortion within the curved ultrawide? Because normally iracing needs to use three projections to make a curved screen look right? So for this to work, iracing would need to be able run 5 projections? Which it can't, right?

  32. Did you get an answer for this?

  33. I bought a screen calibrator. It got them closer but there is still a slightly perceptible difference between them. The LG is still slightly warmer with greys and whites, but most other colours are very close. I don't think any two monitors can ever be 100% matched

  34. Not sure what "Ultimate" is or does. Probably a Samsung post-processing bs thing. Definitely don't use it.

  35. Oh right so I have to limit my FPS in game to 144fps? If FPS goes above 144 then it's not doing anything?

  36. On my monitor I can choose between ultimate or standard engine . I think it covers a wider frame range?

  37. If your display and GPU both support it, absolutely enable it. Google will point you to detailed guides on how to do so

  38. With the Ultimate engine enabled I was getting texture flickering. With standard, the flickering isn't there. Not sure it all feels smoother tho...

  39. I thought it was because CC tell you your session best where as iRacing shows your of any session. I'm probably wrong though..

  40. Yeah that would be nice. But I think the should update there engine to the 21st century first and start supporting more then one core on the CPU. If you want to check whether your CPU or GPU is the bottleneck you can check it in the Taskmanager. If the GPU is not showing near 100% then it is most likely your CPU. If you are playing in 4k or higher it could be the GPU then you should try to get an 3070 (ti) or higher if you have the money.

  41. I'm on a Quest 2, coming from a single 49" 5120x1440 screen. I don't really have room for Triples, and I think now even if I could make room I'd stick with VR.

  42. Cool. Do you use VR full-time now or occasionally use the ultrawide? Is Quest 2 the best bet currently?

  43. Cheers. Wyfe might be happy if I could downsize the rig a bit, ha. I would be using the headset entirely for iRacing...

  44. I think my biggest complaint is when CC just reports incorrect things. Sometimes I’m told my position and I’m not where CC thinks I am. For example Jim will report P5 when I’m actually P7.

  45. Afair this isn’t due to CC but due to the number of cars you have set to draw. If you have less than the field, CC won’t have your correct position. So it’s not CC, it’s iR and your settings.

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