1. She's kind of giving James Majesty or is it just me

  2. I was just watching AS5, where he featured a lot, and he's just so annoying. I know that's not news to anybody, but it blows my mind every time. Didn't anybody on production notice and tell him to tone it down? His manner of speaking is just insufferable

  3. I think it was just a low hanging fruit

  4. Willam is actually pretty high and tight for his age

  5. From the great mind that brought you the idea of

  6. so he was wrong about one thing so he's le bad? you realize all great thinkers have had some terrible ideas right?

  7. There's a bit of a difference between being wrong about one thing and endorsing pedophilia, isn't there? Clearly you've gone quite far off the path of reason and wisdom if you've come to the conclusion that people should sleep with children. You could get rid of every 'great thinker' who was in favour of pedophilia and it would be no loss

  8. People used to (and probably do) say the same thing about same sex relationships. They’re messy, they don’t last, they’re toxic and unhealthy, “I don’t know of one that’s worked out.” It’s too hard to just let people live, huh?

  9. Best at getting youtube subscribers does not equal best at hosting

  10. I’m not really a Rexhar but I have to admit that this sounds very promising. I’ll stream it when it comes out. So happy that pop girls are making dance music again

  11. Um I believe Bebe identifies as a rock star not a pop star

  12. I don't know about that but I know that she loves alcohol more than this poosie

  13. I just wanna know, who ever decided Nick was the hot one? He's so not the hot one. When that Calvin Klein photo shoot came out and everyone was gagging over it I remember being so confused

  14. She targets queer performers and bully them onlines which is very republican behavior

  15. It's a well kept secret but all the ballroom girlies are Republican, and house of Labeija is the worst. Everyone in the ballroom scene knows Pepper Labeija was a hardcore Nixon stan and idk if it's true but I heard Crystal interned with Joseph McCarthy

  16. nixon republicans in the 60s/70s are extremely different from todays republicans. not defending but it’s an apples and oranges comparison at this point

  17. Madonna and Janet Jackson. So much of Britney Spears' performance style is pure Janet, but she's always omitted from these discussions.

  18. Rina Sawayama KILLS it live, her vocals are on point and the dances she has with her backup dancers are always super fun/cute

  19. Personally I feel the opposite for Rina. I saw her open for Charli in 2019 and although I love her music it was like watching someone on a screen rather than who was in the room with you, like negative stage presence. Maybe she's improved since then though

  20. They should have sent Sasha home for this train wreck. This was so rotted I would have eliminated her on the spot for manifesting such a high level of cringe into the world

  21. Lol could you give me an example of wailing dirge music? I think I know what you mean but I'm not sure

  22. Well I was thinking Sam Smith's first album In The Lonely Hour, but Train Wreck by James Arthur is another good example

  23. I hate the music but I'm just crazy about the way she looks. She should bring the perm back but those bejewelled belts with the ugly jeans are it to me, she invented the 2000s

  24. Planetside (2) and Shattered Horizon immediately spring to mind.

  25. I'm also thinking maybe the name has Space or Star in the title, but that doesn't feel very helpful and I'm not sure!

  26. How did nobody do "I don't want anybody to look up to me, I can't even look up"

  27. You can say this is weird, but when I asked Sasha Velour for some money to buy a new cock cage she coughed up right away. Truly the Bernie Sanders of drag

  28. Sugar’s performed twice. Miz Cracker literally performed in the world’s most talented city for drag for over a decade AND was drag daughter to arguably one of the best drag entertainers on earth and she still couldn’t beat Maddy Morphosis in a lipsync.

  29. Did Miz Cracker lip sync against Maddie Morphosis?

  30. All Stars 15 spoilers, smh. It's not even due to air until October 🙄🙄🙄

  31. 😭 I'm genuinely asking I stopped watching the US seasons

  32. I really like it, sue me! I think Kim sounds awesome

  33. The Ramada Inn in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have enough seats to sell smdh.

  34. Honestly the whole 'fantasy X' concept is so bizarre to me

  35. Probably micromanaged it to death. She's an absurd perfectionist and has no idea how to compromise on her vision. She also has absolutely no objectivity when the subject is herself, so she was probably gonna do everything possible to portray her life in a positive light, even though she's done plenty of questionable stuff.

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