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  1. It is not intended to be used as an explicit strategy but rather a frame to build from and add various strategies into each layer.

  2. any ideas who it is then? im genuinely confused if it isn’t Hans lol

  3. also fucked up, in my opinion. Unless they suspect he cheated after the latest ban. They shouldn't ban him twice for the same offense.

  4. This apathy insures there is no chance. Things were way worse before with slavery, child labor, pollution, terrible civil rights and little to no labor rights, but they were all over came with political movements and collective bargaining.

  5. After the Dlugy debacle they probably have an avalanche of GMs who have been caught banging on their door telling them not to out every cheater (or suspected one).

  6. I’ve seen days like this where we we still take a massive shit. I’m not scared holding puts . It’s a casino for a reason


  8. It's not a problem bro, you can literally see the effect of high interest rate in the /ES or /MES futures roll cost.

  9. The OP makes a good point. Why isn't the NAV of the UPRO showing a bigger decrease beyond the decrease expected from the s&p falling? Could the leverage used by UPRO be more long term than expected? For example, it borrows money at a certain fixed rate and then invests it in the Swaps? If that is the case it will eventually impact the NAV, just not until it's time to "renew the leverage".

  10. and as I said, you can arbitrage against UPRO using futures if you believe UPRO won't have to pay any leverage cost / will only pay minimal for leverage.

  11. If you've read any of it, you would know that I am using stoplosses and would not have blown my account lol...and hedging my positon and making more money from it isn't "getting lucky". anyway let's end the pointless banter here. You clearly have a problem with me and/or my strat but won't provide anything useful to help me improve it.

  12. UK Central Bank: "We setting up a bull trap, inside of a bear trap, inside of a bull trap, in a bear market"

  13. fuck this fake ass drop, give me limit down and then I'll believe in futes

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