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  1. Become Peruvian president? Straight to jail.

  2. Of the many I people I know who care strongly for this person, not a single one sees a problem with the US system. It was completely an overstep by Russia detaining an innocent athlete because they wanted to punish the US.

  3. Talking to Americans is like wrestling pigs. Goodbye.

  4. That is not an OS limitation or a hardware limitation by the devices. It sounds like you aren't powering them properly and just using your USB ports or something. That will work until it doesn't then you have bad.

  5. Thanks I’ll try one of the programs, but exactly, it works fine until it doesn’t. It’s a fine line bc no computer activity it falls asleep then crashes but some activity keeps it going. Thank you

  6. Sounds like a you device problem. Your ports are going to sleep or disconnecting to save power because idle. Configuring your ports would prevent that. If they were extenerally powered and using a program with the ability to pause and resume then you'd only lose that chunk and continue on

  7. Eh, you can make this same argument when comparing aby two countries. It's not specific to the US. Every country has their own definitions.

  8. It's not all definitional. It's literally refusing to report or release figures that would be included in such crime statistics. Often because the police are "overloaded" which is BS.

  9. Auto accidents and violent crime are on a completely different level. TBH I've never reported an accident to the police before, that's the first I'm hearing that it's expected. Seems like a huge waste of their time for minor accidents.

  10. Uh that's my point. So your accident doesn't count towards anything. Now look at number of traffic accidents per year statistically. None of yours have ever been counted. Of you had those accidents almost anywhere else in the world they'd be counted.

  11. What your describing is a wireless mesh with a wireless backhaul for the AP. Your throughput will be lower if it matters.

  12. I have 100/100mbps in my apartment. I mostly just want to get rid of the disconnect I get occationally when I run into the kitcken during Teams meetings on my phone.

  13. You can try it out super easily! Just give it power, adopt, and voila.

  14. You can't reschedule an event that happened in the past. You had up until before the flight took off. You missed that. Now you have to buy a new ticket. It's that simple.

  15. Haven't used them myself but I have had 0 luck with "universal" rails. Not a single one I've purchased over the decade has ever worked on any box. No Dell, no HP, no Startech, Google Appliances, etc. All have ended up as brand new junk that I've moved around unwilling to throw away thousands of dollars of shaped metal art.

  16. What does "handle storage" mean to you? These are functions that for most home users can be done with a router as a subprocess or a pi or something embedded and ARM. If you have the need for speed and space, and redundancy, and logs, and all sorts of whatever then that's not going to cut it.

  17. Sorry I didn't word that very well - I meant I can swap a disk out etc of the box. For an SSD or more storage.

  18. It sounds like you're doing a lot more than just a NAS. In that case I'd get something to meet the need of your largest needs. Having 1 beefy computer that can scale down in power is going to be way more efficient than 20 devices that are also low power but all running near idle state. Today's modern machines at idle are awesome. Your drives if you configure properly with SSD and HDD won't be alive unless active and over the SSD cache for example.

  19. An EE tech helps test and verify an EE Engineer's designs. Very general but if you have the ability to be an Engineer, do it 100%.

  20. Hey thanks for the reply. I will be applying for engineering jobs when the time comes. I just the post hoping to get some advice on if just focusing solely on schoolwork is enough to get engineering jobs, or if that alone isn't enough and I should try making time to learn other things outside of school, like Autocad for example.

  21. For most of the world "EE Tech" is not considered an engineer. You're a tech. A technician. No more an engineer than the guy who does your house wiring. Both needed, neither are engineers.

  22. If he builds an Ice Town, he will be legend.

  23. It's fine. You're right at the huge TS metro station. Everything is there. It's not the best location but it isn't bad. Walk a couple blocks get good Korean BBQ. Walk the other way see some shows. Don't worry about it. You will be hounded more often by all the scammers but you know that already

  24. They're the best in the world... What's your issue?

  25. There should’ve been a “Arrested/Imprisoned Risk” category (I.e. North Korea)

  26. I meant for tourists used to free speech who get arrested in NK/China/Russia for saying the wrong thing

  27. The American propaganda pull is strong with this one...

  28. Yea this is a fairly expensive camera with optical zoom - just didn’t have it zoomed to the street at all. Maybe I’ll look at an upgrade though

  29. In my opinion that's where all the bad is happening. Criminals are so lazy today. They roll up in a vehicle to steal your vehicle or break in or vandalize, etc. Very rarely have they walked slowly towards your car from the sidewalk without a getaway car.

  30. Mind if I ask what your setup is for the ALRP? I’ve looked into the cameras and they are more expensive than my entire surveillance system. Is there a way a non-techie person to just use any existing IP camera?

  31. The 4K Starlight Dahua PTZ's with 40x zoom and the little wiper. It's got a built in heater and the starlight sensor at night on a plate a couple hundred feet away with an angle is illuminated by the IR and registered. The ALPR cameras are the most expensive and get the most specialized shots. It can pick the plate out while viewing a frame wide enough for the entire road (wide 2 lane, actually 3 cars wide).

  32. Yup yesterday it started. Was going somewhere and it said 2hrs... Whaa? I thought maybe holiday shutdown but it wasn't. Only the Google overlords know why

  33. Justified. He got out of a vehicle to fight. He lost

  34. I'd say Dubai. The safest place, and checks your boxes. Limiting yourself to travel time seems silly. You can hop on a direct flight out of Seattle.

  35. Free undercarriage wash as you exit. Charge an extra $3 to park there.

  36. Yeah, I don't have anything super fancy. A Nighthawk RAX45 - but would it be found under the devices? Are the number of potentially connected devices the number of leases I have?

  37. Every time a new device mac connects the router leases them an address. That lease is good for a configurable period of time. And the pool of addresses is also configurable. It is not uncommon for DHCP leases to start at 100 which only gives you just over 150 devices total on your network if you haven't setup a larger subnet.

  38. So the best thing to do would be to go in and delete older devices that will no longer be connecting?

  39. No because that should be done via your lease time configuration. You're no longer in home automation, this is basic networking. So any resource on network configuration is applicable. And it's just the first low hanging fruit on why a new network device won't be added to an existing working network. There are hundreds of reasons.

  40. Awesome that it's in the works already! Seriously cool and a great hope for the future in training if it goes well I hope. Just wish they weren't doing it on Waifu stuff currently and more of a broad general images. Could definitely be a proof of concept though if all goes well for future endeavors.

  41. Is it really any surprise what the driving industry of technology is anymore? Betamax vs VHS... Blu-ray vs HD-DVD... Waifu-Diffusion vs Stable-Diffusion2+...

  42. As long as your doorbell has some battery it's fine. You can have 200 dumb doorbells on 1 chime. Unless it's being switched closed contact, it's using zero power.

  43. What if the video doorbell does not have a battery? The AD410 for instance has no internal battery or capacitor. If one was to ring the back (dumb)doorbell, would the short period of drop in power to the AD410 cause it to abruptly shut off?

  44. Yup. Can't make magic power. It needs to either be powered continuously, or have a reserve to last when interrupted.

  45. Sounds like you've got some installation issues and use issues.

  46. No... These are routine category 5 hurricane type winds. Damage happens.

  47. That's exactly how that works. And it happens all the time. You get nothing but destruction.

  48. Doors, windows, ceilings, and all your personal belongings. It's on you. Not to mention your entire neighborhood now thinks you're a criminal, so that'll be fun to keep living there.

  49. Streaming video is explicitly prohibited by all US carriers as far as I know. They use simple blocks so any VPN will get around it. I routinely stream from my home media server and if I run out of local content it will play over the air wifi. Good enough at 320p with no buffering. 720p usually needs a few minutes before it's ready.

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