1. Ok you seem like an expert here. I got a Moose related question. They are huge and I have always heard they are deadly. But it’s not obvious how a moose would attack you. Lions, tigers, bears? I can expect teeth and claws. A bull would gore you. A gorilla would rip you apart with its hands.

  2. I do a lot of solo Northern Minnesota camping all year. I get asked all the time if I’m worried about bears or wolves. Those animals are the least of my concern. I always say a moose. I’ve seen one across the lake and that’s as close as I’ve got. I’ve had a couple bear encounters and they don’t bother me. I pray I never cross a moose especially with their young close up.

  3. Something tells me you don’t spend much time outdoors in the woods.

  4. Likely hundreds of dollars and hours (and potentially hours) of travel to the nearest office. For example, I live in Minneapolis, nearest is Chicago.

  5. I’m from Minneapolis too! Did the drive to Chicago many years ago to do this. Wasn’t fun at all. Sorry for your loss.

  6. That’s funny - tons of people trashing me in the comments saying I’m lying lol. Yeah shit is nooooo bueno.

  7. Nah, ain’t worth it man. Unfortunate situation indeed though.

  8. That hydrapak, I’ve had it for a year and used it a good few times. I’ve rinsed it out many many times, sometimes with baking soda and/or lemon juice involved and it still tastes nasty and plasticy whenever I drink from it. Is there a trick to make it not taste like that?

  9. I was just in a group ride with another gorilla monsoon owner. Same color way as yours. First one I’ve seen in the wild aside from mine. I really want that color.

  10. I do love it. It looks good and it's called Root Beer. 😀

  11. I’m jelly. Mine is some weird ass purple scheme. Oh well 🤷‍♂️.

  12. What’s this guys name? He isn’t credited in any of these videos people are posting of him and I want to actually see his content.

  13. OP, you seem like a “cars are coffins” type. Just stop. Go yell at a cloud. Nerd.

  14. 😂 you’re either 12 years old or 80. Being called a nerd is such an odd thing to happen among sane adults.

  15. The aluminum can inner lining leeching the THC is an actual thing, and surprisingly not discussed. Always glass bottles when it comes to THC drinks.

  16. My coworker drives 1 1/2 hours(1-way )to work everyday. That’s if there’s no traffic 😮. It takes me 10 minutes by 🚲. Can’t imagine doing that commute for work.

  17. That’s how I ended up with a mounted ammo box for a pannier on my gorilla monsoon 😂. Like the brace 🤙

  18. 0 for me at the moment. I have 1 bike and it does the job of many different bikes 🙃.

  19. Thanks!! I wanted something that was impractical and cool, I could use to carry straps and other soft goods maybe a burrito. This fit my needs 😆

  20. 45! I thought my Monsoon was chunky at 27 lol

  21. I run downtube shifters so shifting is not a handlebar related issue for me. As long as braking isn't weird due to the angle, seems like they could be a good fit for me. I have VO Nouveau Randonneurs on now and I never use the drops because of their angle/drop distance it just doesn't line up for me.

  22. Haven’t found braking an issue at all!! Get ‘em!!!! I think you’ll like them:)

  23. Sweet rig! Welcome to the All-City crew. Don’t see many of them on here compared to a lot of other bikes!!

  24. All those brown bags look awesome but im curious about the rack. Never Seen that before.

  25. https://aeroe.com/products/spider-rear-rack?variant=39573350482101¤cy=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=US_data_feed_all_products&utm_content=Spider%20Rear%20Rack&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsCgBhDEARIsAE7RYh20AIBq6dlLNURwTZmyTPIrOCZjJjEhAIqCyS4_xdoVDbIia9s769YaAj4jEALw_wcB

  26. I run these wheels tubeless on my Gorillas Monsoon. I’m using Trevail 2.4” tires. I’ve had them for a year. No issues. I’ll ride singletrack, bikepacking, hit massive pot holes here in the city. I’ve bombed plenty of stair sets with it and even jumped off little 2 foot ledges with it. They are straight as the day they came. I think you’ll be fine.

  27. How do you like those rims? My LBS recommended them when I mentioned looking into a set of 650b wheels

  28. I have these rims with an upgraded 52t ratchet and went the tubeless route. I love ‘em. I’m running tervail ehline 2.4” tires. I ride down lots of stairs and ride off little ledges and some singletrack. They are still straight as the day I got them.

  29. I’ve jumped off a couple 100 ft cliffs before. Only suggestion I have is wear shoes and keep your legs closed. This looks fun!!

  30. The thing about packaging is as soon as you’re good at it you never want to do it again.

  31. 100 percent this. Commissioned and worked on 2 canning lines, automated keg line and a bottling line between 2 breweries and trained countless people on them (still having flashbacks). Yeah, I’m good on that. There’s not a hourly figure that would put me in front of a line again. It’s a shit job and a thankless one too. The pay is total garbage as well.

  32. Packaging is the most important job in a brewery. You can have the best brewer and beer in a tank, but packaging can fuck it.

  33. I understand this. I was in packaging for 6 years . At the end of the day though, it’s just repetitive factory labor. (yes, I know there is a little more involved but that the gist of it)I’m fine not doing that. I could do sanitary stainless welding, metal fab and knew how to fix the machines. I wasn’t doing any of that. So standing in front of a filler watching empty cans fill with beer or stacking pallets was just committing spiritual suicide. I took my skills and became an industrial mechanic a few years ago Everyday is different!! I get to work alone and build stuff or fix things, I’m in a union now, I can actually afford to live on my own with money left in the bank for my toys, I only work 8 hours a day and I get a lot more time off. Career wise it was the right move. Oh, I never have to do seam checks or use an Anton-Parr again. 🙏 I still play hockey with one of the owners of the brewery. They’re still like family to me. My crew was good. Just loathed the type of work. For some people it’s fine. Just not me.

  34. It’s better than the weather posts….. like, you live in Minnesota, get over it or move. It’s not like any of it is a surprise 🤷‍♂️. Bring on the Tot posts though!!

  35. You couldn’t pay me enough to ever sit on a trainer again, EVER. 😂. I’m also not going to be training for anything that would require me to be consistently riding through the winter indoors.

  36. I bought a no name brand a couple years ago. Blew the seam apart in less than a month. It was 10” long. I used three massive patches and that worked. Then it blew in 2 different spots on the opposite side of the board along the Seam. Also patched those. I took it camping for 3 nights and it held up just fine even loaded with 50 lbs of gear. Just be prepared to make repairs 😂

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