A Letter From Kyle Okposo To Sabres Fans.

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  1. only reason i agree with this is because i like doing the thing where u eat the whole flat in one bite

  2. This play really does exemplify a lot about Josh. Freak athlete who wants to win more than every one else.

  3. this play is obviously an incredible one and a pivotal moment in his career, but I still think the most quintessential josh allen play ever is that one from his wyoming days where he threw the pick deep in his own territority and raced to tackle the intercepter right as he was about to cross the goal line resulting in a touchback and a gain of yards for his team. unrivalved heart and will to win.

  4. Or propose that State funds be restricted from contributing to private stadia used by professional sports teams....which was the root of the conversation.

  5. Crippled by .4% of one year of the annual budget lmao. Most if not all of which will be paid back solely through income tax generated by the team. Nfl players paid 20m income tax to NYS last year alone, which would cover it over the 30 year period. This isnt even accounting for all of tbe other salaries paid by the bills org, nor the fact that players salaries will continue to balloon over the 30 years of the deal, likely profiting the state quite a bit.

  6. Am I the only one that wants all Sunday @ 1pm games?

  7. Not the only one, but plenty of us arent crotchety olds who complain about not being in bed by 9pm on work days and enjoy the splendor of a primetime production

  8. Baker's actual response to this - "Thats a long time to be thinking about a loss"

  9. except bakers flag plant was literally in response to the year befores loss

  10. Ive hated on KO a lot over the years because of his contract compared to his contribution on the ice, but damn if the dude hasnt won me over with his leadership this year. Happy to have him.

  11. not sure why people are always so obsessed with being considered F2P as if it means their achievements are the only ones that matter.

  12. i mean not being F2P is certainly ok, I have no hate for it, but if you are trying to flex an in game achievement certainly paying for it makes it less of an achievement

  13. Everyone wants in on the first days/weeks of sales of relic accessories as they will likely be hugely profitable through whales wanting to make better set-ups. People who get good relic drops early are likely going to make lots of money and everyone wants to be in on rolling the RNG lottery. That's why people who are "behind" the more hardcore players want the cadence to slow down to fit their progression path, because they want to be in on selling accessories to the whales. Let's be realistic, prices of relic accessories on the first few days or maybe even week will be way higher than where they are a few weeks down the road. I doubt anyone is worried about flipping/scalping as everyone who is 1415 likely knows enough about engravings now to look up the price and price things accordingly. I already am 1415 and have enough stockpiled gold to likely hit 1445 on main for Valtan, or make an alt 1415 so I am not arguing for delay of content as I've been ready for Valtan for like a week.

  14. except the more people that are at valtan, the less valuable the relic accessories will be as there will be greater supply (and demand wont be increasing at the same rate because the average players will only be looking to sell to whales, not buy). additionally, hardcore players/whales will still outpace them in this scenario as they will likely have many alts ready to be in the same position.

  15. They want to take part in the surge pricing of day 1 accessories to sell to whales or people that have built up a nice pile of gold.

  16. there wont be as much surge pricing if the supply is higher because everyone is selling. only reason for the surge pricing is the limited amount of people who can get there.

  17. Because guys will wanna play hard for the draft picks who will replace them. Same for the free agents who have no vested interest in making a team better that they're not gonna play for next season.

  18. Public funding is stupid, but to be fair, this is like 20$ per NY resident.

  19. and its not as if the tax levy is equally distributed, many people, some of whom are saying they dissaprove of this use of funds, pay little to no income tax.

  20. One of these days, maybe your franchise will be known for something else besides famous losses.

  21. need a few more shots of that jags fan section...

  22. Even better when you tell them they should be used in party order to make everyone's life easier and they start bitching and moaning about how "this is news to them!"

  23. no, this subreddit decided with the express event that anything that players would find out outside of the game cant be expected to be known

  24. have about 70k rn with ilvls 1400, 1370, 1340, 1310, 1310

  25. I’m gonna be honest, as someone who also partook in shitting on Eichel, this was our sub all season long about Pettersson. By like game 30 we were like “oh shit this might just actually be Elias” but then suddenly he absolutely turned it the fuck on and finished with career high in goals and tied his season best in points (66).

  26. yeah he'll probably turn it up for the playoffs

  27. how do Sabres fans feel about the Eichel situation now? I'm sure it hurt to see such a talented player force his way out, but I genuinely think Buffalo will be better in the long run for it. Buffalo looks closer to turning things around and competing than they ever did with him, and I think a big part of that is everyone has stepped out from his shadow and are embracing a team identity

  28. interesting that this is the thing reddit gets all puritanical about

  29. yeah i skipped one of my finals in college to watch it lmao. worth it

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