1. because they were fucking morons.. probably taking horse medicine

  2. hope this bag of shit rots in prison

  3. It's unnecessary to tell us you work in it. Yeah, not everyone knows everything, especially in such a wide domain like IT.

  4. nothing beats the grand circle tour!

  5. so if the expensive ones are good quality is that really ridiculous?

  6. That’s why the pro literally sunk that putt right in while you’re on Reddit complaining about something nobody actively in LIV is complaining about

  7. i cant recommend the stirling brushes highly enough .. great quality, great assortment of choices, and great prices.

  8. So Zephyr is a state rep AND she works at a lunch counter? Why would any employee need to sit on that bench while working.

  9. they didnt let her into the chamber so she has been sitting on that bench doing her work .. these asshole, shitbag karens took her spot on purpose so she would have to stand and do her work .. jfc

  10. yeah i wonder why anyone would hate LIV

  11. and fuck you for supporting that shit

  12. did anyone get beheaded? any gay people get executed while you were there? anybody's hands chopped off?

  13. she is a worthless, grifting sack of shit who will say or do anything to convince gullible rubes with shit for brains to send her money .. its nothing more than an attempt to get people to freak out on her so she can claim to those rubes that she (and they) are being persecuted by the 'radical left' .. performance art by a con-woman

  14. todays GOP .. the party of murderers, shitbags, and pedos

  15. throw the book at this motherfucker.. hope he rots in prison

  16. they never really did ... all grift to lower taxes on the rich and corporations, and screw the lower classes.. they would happily take the biggest govt in history if it helped them achieve these goals.. the GOP is the party of grifters, shitbags, and perverts.. and always has been

  17. use 100% silicone .. wont mildew or turn yellow

  18. The silver lining is that there are members of the GoP with a conscience.

  19. he did this because there was no other option .. he still has not admitted anything .. he will be spinning this on fox news by the end of the day

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