1. I love In Her Own Words & will hopefully see them in LA on Dec. 12 🤘 I’ve been listening to Drink About It by Issues a lot despite not drinking at all lately. Haha.

  2. I've been friends with IHOW since 2009, I'm so happy to see that they're gaining popularity.

  3. Sometimes all you have to do is Google someone's name and their address, phone number, people they are associated with and sometimes partial emails pop up. It's scary how easy it is.

  4. This. I found a site while looking up a phone number (I don't remember the site name) and it gave me their full name, address, previous addresses, emails, etc. It was terrifying.

  5. ClustrMaps is the website. It has a scary amount of information.

  6. I used to be prescribed Xanax. Once during a shift I had a panic attack and had to take one. I threw away my drink and 5 minutes later got pissed because I couldn't find my drink lol.

  7. Calling their partner/ being called "Daddy". It just proved Freud right and I'll be damned if I let that happen.

  8. There is! There's an app called Patook that is just for friendship. I've made a few off of it.

  9. How drunk/high they got. Its always more worrying than anything.

  10. I got detained in an airport once for bringing these in through Customs. I honestly didn't know that they were illegal.

  11. You're either heteropolar or homopolar, this bipolar nonsense is just a phase. You'll grow out of it.

  12. My previous hair color had been green but faded out. I used Wella Bleach to get rid of the color. Then filled the top section with Arctic Fox Poison, before doing and all over Arctic Fox Transylvania. For the bottom section I used Iroiro 80 Orange and Neon Orange mixed with Arctic Fox Poison.

  13. She and my boyfriend at the time kept making jokes that they got together while I was away on vacation. Cut them both off.

  14. Fill in your hair with red dye first to make sure the black doesn't look hollow. But it should hold for a while.

  15. I've been asked before if my last name is Farsi, but I have a very English first name. Once at an airport they called my name over the intercom (very badly butchering my name but I knew they meant me), I walked up to the desk with 4 middle eastern men who had been called as well. They took one look at me (short white female) and said nevermind.

  16. Doner Bistro in Leesburg. It's extremely OK for doner, however they're shutting down soon, so try it while it's around.

  17. I lived in Germany for a few years and I love Döner Bistro. I'm sad to read that it is shutting down. I hope we can get a new place soon.

  18. For me and my intrusive thoughts, I pretend like they're a 12 year old kid on Xbox live. Its silly but it helps me brush them off easier. Like I'll have one about wanting to jump off the side of a cliff (near my work site) and I'll just say "okay edgelord"

  19. I have never waited more than 20 minutes at a DMV.

  20. What, you can teleport or speed up time? No, you know someone on the inside?!

  21. Simply just the most mundane super power. I wish I could teleport or speed up time.

  22. Probably to all the extra money needed because of the 66 expansion delays. I work in construction (though not on that project) and I know they're very delayed and its costing a lot of money.

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