1. You don't open with the good stuff, you start small and paint a picture of the whole scene then introduce the kill shot. You don't want to make the most recent thing in people's minds at the end of the trial the insignificant things that they already knew. The big evidence needs to be fresh in people's minds when it's said and done.

  2. If they give you any crap about being in their neighborhood, remind them you pay more taxes than they do!

  3. Nice of them to put all of their violations in one place though.

  4. Random question OP but is the shop in the Midwest? I saw the security KP and use to be one of the main installers of the brand in my area

  5. Zest in south Bethlehem is very nice and has a great view. The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar in downtown Allentown is also excellent.

  6. I realize this is probably a joke, but $20/piece is bold of you

  7. I guess my joke was that this is the best price he’s ever going to get. Based on his post history he’s done this before in another medium. That’s my go to number when a normie asks for a ridiculous custom job.

  8. This place is not what it used to be since the original owners sold. A shadow of what it used to be.

  9. It’s a safety feature. Turn off your gas, disconnect then reconnect the gas and you have to open the gas valve slowly.

  10. Bottom exposure time should be 60. Go on the elagoo website and get the precise settings. Good luck!

  11. Thank you! My first thought was "that chimney can't be legal" lol

  12. It would be out of code even if the vent didn’t end right next to a window.

  13. Is there some sort of auto-mod feature that would block these posts and redirect them to

  14. We need Clippy back! It looks like you’re about to ask furnace workers about making a bong…

  15. Make sure your Jack line is smaller than the diameter of your pipe. After you punty and before you open your cup, use the back of your jacks to gently tap your lip. It should come out pretty straight.

  16. https://www.advancedfamilyeyecarepa.com/meet-the-optometrist

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