Daily General Discussion - September 15, 2022

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  1. This is not true at all. I'm blocking ALL ads from my network, and can download Thiniverse files just fine. This is another example of how false information spreads quickly via social media, because virtually all people believe what they are told without verification.

  2. You doing something to explicitly counter that doesn't mean they're not doing it...

  3. “A delayed, well-managed game is eventually good, but a rushed, poorly managed game is forever bad.”

  4. A game so poorly managed that it's been pushed back multiple times... Will always be bad, too

  5. For such a small scoped game, I feel like I've been hearing about this game being in development forever.

  6. But why though? Like I get that 3d printing is cool, but sometimes it's not the best solution for a job.

  7. A flight stick on a plane isn't sticking out toward you, though; it's sticking up. So it's not stick up to go down -- it's stick forward to go down. Which makes a lot more sense in the physical space of a cockpit.

  8. That sounds exhausting. Why hold your controller out in front of you?

  9. It's official, I can't understand the kids anymore

  10. We want new games. Not the same shit we've been able to play for 25 years.

  11. No, this shit is fucking stupid. Can we ban these benchy posts? It's half the fucking sub.

  12. What country magically had 7% CDs but only 3% inflation rate? And I'm guessing there's a currency exchange rate drift that you're not factoring into your math.

  13. One more detail that gets buried in the noise a lot; all warcasters/warlocks are fearless and have commander per the core rules

  14. While a good tip, you didn't answer the question

  15. Weird they must have blocked me. Couldn't see them.

  16. If you get stumped on how to solve a problem with your current system, you can always add an additional super secret version on top to really drive up that power scaling

  17. No, laws aren't made by one person. It's a coordinated group.

  18. No, the law was never passed. It was written by a joker and submitted by a moron politician. It was promptly laughed at and rejected.

  19. This is an entirely different event. You said "exactly 3", which is reference to an April fool's joke in 1998.

  20. to be fair, saying 'bitcoin mining is bringing coal and gas plants to life' is kind of misleading

  21. It's not misleading when a crypto mining farm bought an old small coal burned plant just to power their rigs

  22. Games can contain entire books in them and you get to interact with the story in many different ways. Of course on paper it’s better. And I have heard this opinion stated many times.

  23. Except books can filter out the boring parts and provide a curated experience. You seem to think creating a 1:1 replica of a world is automatically interesting. Spoilers, it's not

  24. What are you talking about? The developers have the power to eliminate the boring parts as well. There is nothing stopping them from curating an experience besides time, talent and budget limitations.

  25. Not in the same way. Because you control the character, you're able to put extra tone and pointless crap in between the story segments, ruining the pacing

  26. I think you're right, and it poses a serious question about the value of digital goods such as nft. If there is no intrinsic value, why would people pay for it? You'll notice that people have a much easier time paying micro-fees for digital goods than large sums of money, and in that vein there must be some value add from obtaining those goods beyond simply owning them. I think when nfts break through into mainstream game item ownership space we might see a slow growth in that use case. For now, it has been mostly speculation.

  27. NFTs will not breakthrough into major gaming. They bring literally nothing to the table that cannot already be done in games (but aren't bc there's no point in most of it), if you get past their false advertising hype.

  28. If they wanted them to be tradable they could make them tradable within the game. It's not the lack of crypto that's stopping them.

  29. I only got a week. It was per pregnancy, not per child.

  30. You should read testimony from those who have seen UAPs. They claim they move even faster than that. Some theorize whatever technology they use bends space hence the avoidance of friction.

  31. People are really bad at judging speed at a distance

  32. They did changed the exp curve and made the game easier.

  33. Alright then. Maybe don't accuse people of playing wrong if they reworked the progression curve. Damn.

  34. Haha sorry ! I don't want to accuse you of anything! I'm just wondering how you end up with a 20 level difference.

  35. That's not what I said at all. The level difference is between the wildlife and the tems in the gym. So if you have the wrong guys leveled up, you have a miserable grind to get the right ones leveled because you're only getting single digit experience points or whatever. It was terrible design. Not sure if it's changed.

  36. you're right, another 60 billion for ukraine and another 2/3 reduction in price for eth and I'm sure they'll win

  37. You seem to be behind on the news. Stop embarrassing yourself

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