[OC] Actors/actresses with the most Oscar wins

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  1. Source: Bloomberg (financial data from Bloomberg Terminal, so no link)

  2. Awesome graph! May I use this for a school presentation? I was literally searching for a graph like yours with no success and then boom… this pops up on my feed

  3. The Swiss bank's decline didn't start this year - since 2019 it has been rocked with scandals and bad investments that has brought the share price down by over 90%. Here are some of the biggest ones, culminating in UBS putting it out of its misery earlier this month.

  4. UBS knocked Fidelity Investments off the podium with their acquisition of Credit Suisse, bringing their total assets under management (AUM) to $5.9T - over 7x the GDP of Switzerland.

  5. The top 10 most visited countries - and indeed going up to the top 30 - are all located in one of three continents: Europe, Asia (including the Middle East) and North America. The highest African country is Morocco at 33rd, while Australia is Oceania's highest at 39, and South America's highest entry Argentina is all the way down at 44.

  6. Visualizing problems at SVB - a breakdown of its balance sheet

  7. 15 of the top 20 most injured players all spent some time in the Premier League at various points of their careers, with 7 of those playing for Arsenal at some point. Also on the list is legendary Dutch winger Arjen Robben, and arguably the best player in the world at the time Ronaldo Nazario.

  8. The price of graphics cards has now fallen from the super-inflated prices of 2021 to more 'normal' prices, and NVIDIA's FY22 revenue is actually flat from FY21 as a result

  9. NVIDIA provides hardware and software solutions to businesses that need high-power computing for things like rendering, data analytics, AI training etc.

  10. The source defines risk as not simply proximity or likelihood of natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or floods, but also the vulnerability of that country (i.e. how poor they are). This is why countries like Japan (earthquakes) or the US (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) are much lower in the list compared to extremely poor countries like Mozambique, despite potentially having a higher likelihood of these hazards occurring.

  11. The market value of Buffett's portfolio as at end of 2012 vs end of 2022.

  12. Did you make this graphic? I'd be interested to see some of the assumptions you've made to get at those statements. Does your claim that the 'developing / developed nations' waste the same account for the fact that much of the food wasted in the global South occurs due to a lack of infrastructure rather than poor purchase planning (I would argue that is food lost rather than wasted).

  13. Just posted a comment regarding the data, which comes from the

  14. In this report, food waste is defined as "both the edible and inedible (bones, rind, pits/stones) substances that are used in the manufacture, preparation, or treatment of food".

  15. Zoom laid off 1300 employees and CEO Eric Yuan took responsibility, cutting his base salary from $300k to just $6k and refusing a corporate bonus. He also said members of his executive leadership team will take 20% pay cuts and also forego their bonuses.

  16. note: Most lists of "Richest people" are packed with businesspeople - Musk, Gates, Bezos. They are the 1% of the 1% - but what if we didn't include them?

  17. *edit: Shelley Winters and Sally Field are not in fact identical twins - thanks for those who pointed out this mistake

  18. notes: not all salaries are made public so this is non-definitive, and figures are nominal since box office royalties and other profit-based deals accumulate over time making inflation-adjusted figures extremely difficult to calculate.

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