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  1. Best one I found so far, but its very light, Diors forever and ever Dior.

  2. Hey, I would like to buy Tom Ford Lost Cherry but unfortunately it's a bit too pricey for me. Is there any other fragrance that's similar and more affordable?

  3. I realy like BDK rouge smoaking... its around 150.- for 100ml.

  4. ELDO Fat Electrician!!! Burnt rubber with a hint of sweetness and a smoky, woody base. Can't say I liked it on myself but I will say it's unlike anything I've ever smelled.

  5. I second this, all tho I woulden't know if it smells like telephone poles

  6. I don't think its any issue realy. There are a lot things worse in the air and water than what IFRA is banning left and right.

  7. I realy like Splendiris by Dusita, Forever and ever Dior and Luna by Penhaligons for that category.

  8. Nice staging! How much banana do you get out of Felanilla?

  9. I am wearing it today (in 30Β°C) So far I get something campherus and burning. Almost like the sensation of huffing VicVaporup with out actually smelling it. 20minuts in. I think it must be the grass, amber and safran. No Banana, but I woulden't know what Banana leave smells like. It softens to a Iris Cosmetic Product smell that is quit lovely. I will update for the far drydown.

  10. Its now a very faint vanilla powder skin scenz. But it wasn't even a full spray. So good performance, but not so unice as it the comments on feagrantica make you belive. The opening is difficult tho.

  11. My husband took my name when we got married.

  12. The oldest I own is from 1995 Issey Miyake l'eau, stoll perfectly good.

  13. Try Rouge Smoking by BDK, the best cherry fragrance I've smelled by far

  14. There is actualy a pregnacy test brand called mabye baby

  15. A cousine, who I have no contact with but used to play with as a kid, got diagnosed. My first reaction was "what? That can't be right, she is like me!" I thought I knew about autisem. I am a trained childcare proffesional and we touched on autisem brifly in training. The sterotypical autisem in boys stuff. I thought I'd go read up on it, it became a hyperfocus, I saw all my own traits, took some self test and went to a specialist to have a look. Turns out I am very clearly an autistic female who has fallen through the net with the help of an esoterical dad and a hippie mum who don't belove in labels and are propably ND themselfe.

  16. That manager is being almost as neglectful as her parents. They should bring in someone with appropriate training ASAP. Its in the best interest of the child and her safety (primarily her mental health; having someone trained and able to help her and give the attention she needs is absolutely vital)

  17. Welcome to the sad, sad reality. I worked in daycares and camps for 10 years and they don't care about the kids they care about money. So they save as much money on staff as they can, meaning get the minimum qualification necesary by law and the maximum number of children.

  18. Plot twist: being married to a guy with a hypersensitive nose who dosen't like fragrances but tolerates your hobby silently.

  19. Okay I picked up a PT job at the DMV and... Wait, hear me out... I fucking loved it.

  20. What does PT and DMV mean? πŸ™ˆ I am not american

  21. PT is part time employment and DMV is department of motor vehicles. Dmv is where we get our licenses, tags, registration, etc.

  22. I realy like la petite Marseilles and Mauii products.

  23. Thank you for all these suggestions! Do you find the rose note prominent in L'eau de issey Mijake?

  24. You are welcome, and I don't detect any rose at all in l'eau d'Issey. I am very sensitive to the typical designer female targeted roses.

  25. What's the difference between Floris Honey Oud and Montale Honey Aoud??

  26. To me all montale fragrance I tried so far where kind of chemical and sintetic smelling in a way that diden't suit me. I haven't tried floris honey oud tho, but I heard good things.

  27. I have a lightly scented Nivea cream croller antitranspirant. Its female marketed but tbh I sugest go look at the female marketed sector, mans deoderants are often EXTREMLY heavy scented.

  28. The man in my family don't wear fragrances at all. My Mum wore Magie Noir by Lancome and my Grand Ma Chanel no.5.

  29. I hope you find you find your way to them when you're ready, they are both so good ( and when you do, get vintage πŸ˜‰ )

  30. I still have a flat Vintage MN stopper bottle from the early versions from my Mum πŸ’ͺ

  31. 1.Jean Paul Gaultier Essence de Parfum 2.Tom Ford Noir pour femme 3.Penhaligons Juniper Sling 4.Byredo Gypsy Water 5.Van Cleef and Arpels Orchidee Vanille

  32. I just put a sample in my basket πŸ€ͺ thank you!

  33. EsteeLauder Bronz Goddes is lovely and I also like Sol de Janero de green mist, forgott the number πŸ˜…

  34. The summer edition of Jean Paul Gaultiers Classique

  35. Not very sweet. Not in a gourmand way. Mor in a floral way in the veeery background. A wisper. The fragrantica note list is a bit missleading.

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