1. Tell Us About Your Hobby Weekend

  2. well my friend and i drove from [redacted place where i live] to Fall River, MA this weekend to stay at the Borden house, where, famously, Lizzie Borden legally did not take an ax nor did she give anyone any whacks in the mysterious case of the deaths of her stepmother and father, Abby and Andrew Borden. It was a super fun trip and we had a great time at the house, including a ghost hunt on the first floor and basement. No ghosts spotted unfortunately but also ghosts aren't real so. there you have it. had a fun time chatting with the ghost hunt guide about his case theories tho!

  3. oh also obviously, to keep the "god forbid women do anything" theme of the weekend going we listened to Bad Blood by John Carreyrou as our audiobook for the drive

  4. remember: “death of the author” typically requires THE AUTHOR TO BE DEAD, or at least not massively profiting off of the art in question.

  5. "death of the author" refers to literary analysis that doesn't rely on biographical information or authorial intent to get the "real meaning" of a work, tho you're right that a lot of people use it to excuse giving money to people who are very much alive and doing shitty things with that money.

  6. omg got home today from a whirlwind trip to massachussetts lol. i had soooo much fun seeing the sights on the drive and ghost hunting at the lizzie borden house. i have to say, i still Do Not believe in ghosts. but i'm good enough at dowsing that i can convince other people that there's a ghost. i will use this power wisely.

  7. She glossed over the incorrect labeling, which is a big deal. Either you get large fines from the FDA for minor infractions, or they sue you if the errors could harm someone, i.e. you don't list an allergen.

  8. Yeah the nutrition facts were just a bunch of made up numbers, not a mistake, and it’s not surprising that people didn’t trust the ingredients list when the numbers were all clearly fake

  9. Welp, I'm currently knocked flat by covid, which is preventing me from running or working on my piece for an art secret santa :( I hope I recover quickly enough that I have time to draw it well, I don't want to disappoint my giftee. Not to mention all the running fitness I'm probably going to lose uggggh

  10. also like ABSOLUTELY adding this one to "outfits that get me 'young man'd at the coffee shop".

  11. So I'm doing a cookie exchange with my coworkers, and I just wanted to ask for Popheads' opinions: what do you think of white chocolate cranberry cookies, or pfeffernüsse (German spiced cookies)? Consensus seems to be that a lot of people will be bringing in like, sugar cookies or peanut butter blossoms or chocolate chip cookies, which are all cookies I love, but I'd like to spice it up a little. BUT I don't want it to be something too out there that people won't like, you know? I've thought of some sort of peppermint cookie as well, but mint seems to be kind of a polarizing taste, so I don't think I'll do that.

  12. I’m in this same boat, except for movies put out on streaming services.

  13. you gotta do the shop around the corner master binge and add a bootleg of she loves me and you've got mail

  14. noot is my grandson and i have on good authority that he will not be traded

  15. Watching all these people talk about their Spotify Wrapped and you’re an Apple Music user lmaoo.

  16. Going between Red Hearse and Midnights, it's kinda crazy to me how Glitch could so easily be a RH song if it was Sam Dew doing the vocals instead.

  17. A bit of a light month SFF wise but I got a few done for my very particular bingo challenge (pre-2000 publication) and mostly good, fun reads with one very short exception.

  18. This is a silly question but how do you pronounce "EW" when you read it ? Is it like "iw" like in rewind/freeway, EH-W, or like "eugh" ? Does this question make sense lmao

  19. Wait, is that actually something that’s based on any studies? Cause I have been having really bad periods for a few months and I did have Covid earlier this year so that freaked me out a bit now

  20. Albert and Waino have collected themselves yet another award

  21. I finished the book for my local, in person book club, The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. Overall enjoyable but not really my style, but I find myself focusing (probably) too much on one particular thing: the protagonist

  22. I personally do not even a little see the appeal of Christmas movies generally. The closest thing I have to a favorite is THE REF, which I recommend for every single person who is ready to bah some humbugs and not be haunted about it.

  23. (one of my favorite bits in Bros was the increasingly bizarre hallmark Christmas movie ads)

  24. While I agree that the couple should not have gone to Buck's job to discuss such a delicate matter, I veer in quite a different direction with the rest of what the OP says.

  25. it would actually be super cool to have this storyline show that sperm donation is a normal and fine thing to do and that it is easier than people may think to be a biological donor and not feel like a "co-parent". someone i know had an egg donation from her half sister and everything's totally fine, her kid knows that one of their aunts donated and it's literally not a problem lol.

  26. Scalding hot tea: celebrity chiropractor and main pop girl Jocelyne Miranda has a new boytoy. Some Canadian kid named Shaun or something. Get that D queen!

  27. The US fans screaming that we’d win only for neither teams to score a point is so funny to me

  28. My mum read online that you can use white vinegar to clean a leather sofa, and like yeah I guess it works but now the living room smells like a bloody chip shop

  29. if it helps, the smell should dissipate after it dries completely! i use white vinegar to clean a lot of stuff bc it's totally pet safe and kills odors and it's only really weird smelling for a little bit lol

  30. Not only is he dating his 50 year old chiropractor, but I heard he's also dating his 50 year old chiropractor.

  31. As far as I've noticed OP, no kids on this show die during 9-1-1 calls tho a few obviously get hurt.

  32. Perhaps so, though I have to admit that I don't regard Avengers: Endgame as especially more "worthy" of the "title" (to the extent that it's even a competition in that sense) and, let's not beat about the bush, that's where a lot of the friction seems to come from these days.

  33. in a just world the highest grossing movie ever would be bull durham

  34. add it to the list of random things we have in common

  35. There’s also that young British guy from enola Holmes who is dating an older woman. It seems like the biggest trend now compared to the former

  36. yeah man idk, i'm not gonna like do research but SO many famous couples are older man/younger woman and it's just recently that it's not like super weird for the woman to be older instead, and it's definitely in no way "flipped" or "become the majority". and considering IRL (non-famous people), in 2017 85% of couples with any age gap had an older man and i'd be shocked if it's changed much in five years

  37. I think older man/younger woman couples are declining while the flip side is increasing you agree with that right?

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