1. I love dogs and dog training, all the Star Treks, listening to podcasts, Stargate, reading, feminist and LGBTQ science fiction, psychology, unschooling, and playing lotro and archeage. I used to belong to groups in my games, but my husband had to have radiation to his brain for a brain tumour and now he is so extremely slow when playing that I can't ask other people to always wait, wait, wait for him. So our gaming world is just the two of us, which I find very lonely. He still loves to play so we play every day 5:30 to 7:30.

  2. Yes I love all of the Star Treks and Stargate, too. I think if I had 2 friends to watch and talk Trek with my social needs would be complete. Unfortunately I have zero friends who like Star Trek, so I have to content myself by listening to podcasts.

  3. Are you doing the Voyager rewatch with them? I'm a patron.

  4. I will for sure check this one out. Thanks you so much!

  5. I struggled with food a lot as a kid (until I was about 12/13, to be exact), and my parents thought I was becoming anorexic because I ate close to nothing on most days. And I didn't have the words to say "I don't like the food because it doesn't taste like anything". I can only eat foods that has a strong taste, ofterwise it feels like trying to eat plastic to me.

  6. Heh maybe I should move to Denmark I'm super sensitive to any kind of spices, sauces, or condiments.

  7. Yep, I've felt this so much. And because my autism was undiagnosed I was encouraged to reach high. I now realize my high intelligence is actually very narrow splinter skills and I would have done so much better to aim for a more modest career that I probably would have succeeded at and enjoyed, like bookkeeping.

  8. I could have written this post. I crave order and cleanliness, but I just can't keep up with it. I thought after I retired and had a brand new house I would be able to manage but I still can't do it. I've hired a housekeeper to come in and do floors, dusting and bathrooms. I realize lots of people can't afford to do that though. I do agree that getting rid of stuff helps a lot, and that gets easier once the kids are grown.

  9. Our kiddos have one foot out the door, but not quite permanently. Our oldest in in grad school but as an aspie himself is a bit of a hoarder, really has a hard time letting go of anything that has memories attached (including even receipts from vacations etc). So his room is going to be a hard one, he's not at a place he can take it all with him yet and we really don't want to store it!

  10. Our oldest son was like that but eventually he was able to move into an apartment with some help. I just think it is so hard for us to work and survive in the world, and trying to keep everything cleaned and organized is just expecting too much.

  11. A high school teacher of mine must not have liked how quiet I was because one time she said in front of a bunch of other students how she was afraid she'd see my name in the newspaper or on TV one day (implying I'd become a school shooter). It absolutely destroyed my spirit, it was very upsetting. I don't even kill bugs in my apartment and I'm far and away the biggest pacifist of anyone I know. So to be thought of as so violent and creepy when I'm actually just not very talkative, that really stung.

  12. Omg that's terrible. I was also silent and it seemed to really irritate adults.

  13. Bullied a little but mostly just ignored. I worked very hard to be invisible.

  14. Yep obsessed with the AKC dog book. I knew all the breeds, then went on to learn all the rare breeds. I'm sad I don't know them all anymore. There are just too many similar breeds and too many different registering bodies. But I still get very excited when spotting unusual breeds.

  15. I feel like I have to choose between looking incredibly schlumpy or extreme discomfort. I compromise by putting up with the pain when I go out and going braless at home.

  16. Yes but weirdly the autistic men I know are terrible with animals.

  17. Found out I don't need nearly as much social interaction to feel content as I thought I did. I can find plenty of things to keep busy with right on my own property. I love staying home.

  18. That's lovely. My stuffed animals were my children, too, but now they have been replaced by my dogs. I have to keep the stuffed animals up on a shelf in my bedroom so the dogs don't tear them up.

  19. Hated fireworks so much as a child and would scream in distress. Also so affected by balloons popping I could not go to parties as a child. Marching bands also caused meltdowns b cause of the loud drums so parades we're out. Lol, I just realized what a pain I must have seemed to my parents. And I still keep my distance from balloons.

  20. I would be interested in this too! Maybe we just need to start one 😅

  21. Making droning humming noises, standing on my head for long periods of time

  22. Yep I hate them. I only eat vanilla yogurt for that reason.

  23. I'm 64 and only recently realized I am autistic. I share so many of your feelings. I think it's understandable to feel both relief that my life and its struggles finally makes sense while also grieving at the lost opportunities I could have had if I'd been diagnosed and received appropriate help when I was young. It's going to take time to sort out all the different feels. I'm struggling, too.

  24. Hi gildara1, you sound a lot like me. It has surprised me how I feel now that I have been diagnosed. Perhaps part of the realization that we are autistic, is accepting the sometimes hurtful challenges we have gone through as undiagnosed, “untreated” autistics. It might just be part of the process for those of us who learn we are autistic as adults.

  25. Also I would love to meet you at the chat sponsored by

  26. I homeschooled my daughter until fifth grade and she spent all that time feeling she was special-awesome instead of special- weird. She and I are a lot alike except for the part where she has high self esteem and is resilient and happily and very gainfully employed. I hope your grandson will do as well.

  27. So sorry you are struggling. I am not fun either. Maybe join the chat that meets every 2 weeks through

  28. I'd like to be able to wear it, but I have never understood how to do it. I'm under the impression that with makeup one size doesn't fit all, and I've never figured it out.

  29. This is so interesting. For many years I have read self help books, trying to figure out how to decrease my anxiety and depression, and forced myself to go, go, go out in the world because all the books asserted that socializing a lot is key to any long term happiness. Since realizing I am autistic, I have wondered whether these self help things that everyone seems to agree on are only true for NTs, and that I might be happier staying by myself more.

  30. Can you just brush your teeth earlier? I get that you would prefer to do it right before bed, but doing it earlier is better than not doing it at all.

  31. I’ve been trying but haven’t been able to make it into a habit I stick to. Not yet at least

  32. Try not to be too hard on yourself. It's just not that important.

  33. I would say if other people think you are being a weirdo it's probably a special interest, lol.

  34. I'd also be interested in hearing about people's living situations.

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