1. What up bro, you have come to the right place !!

  2. Beautiful! How do you decide where to dig?

  3. Wonder how many people subscribed to this page just went damn, we gotta put up with this dude posting smokers every day for the next year? LMAO

  4. I’m late to the game— can you share state or location? That is gorgeous.

  5. Yes Centex is correct, alot of time I don't put location because I post so much I just don't want to have it in every title 😅

  6. Wow !!! The first might be a pumpkin seed !!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Like a rough outline of a Pedernales that was chucked...

  8. Don’t think the base is bifurcated deep enough for a GowerLooks like a pedernales that was used upI have one similar and was told that at a show

  9. Frio or split tail ensor on the right gimmie a second and ill figure out the one on the left, I'm thinking marcos

  10. I honestly feel the one on the right is an axe head, chisel a wedge shaped hole through the top of your handle and put it half way through then secure.

  11. You can actually see the patina line where the handle was, I'm no expert but I wouldn't let anyone convince me otherwise, awsome shit!!!

  12. My best guess is a Cuney based on Hester’s book. With broken flares and obviously broken tip. Base definitely looks the same.

  13. Kinda looks like a marshal base tbh !!! 🤔

  14. Bro you got a gold mine. People would pay good money to shake that dirt. My dad does paid digs all over the state and I’m pretty sure he’d give up his favorite son for a day like that!

  15. Some killers brotha. Good work and congrats

  16. How is it a heartbreaker? I just figured it was some kind of sweet corner tang knife or something. Then again I don't have my glasses on but I figured giggity would be more likely to put some crazy ass rare mint thing in the center than a broke lol

  17. Man he is sadly right it is a heart breaker but it would have been TOP 2 LAGUNAS EVER FOUND....so to me that just pushes me to get that absolute show stopper !!!!

  18. How do you find out about these digs? I can’t find any info on Barksdale

  19. Is this what you do for a living? If so, retirement dreams of mine.

  20. No flute at the base. I'd call it a Plainview

  21. Honestly it does have a flute on 1 side, I would love it to be clovis but I'm leaning towards goldrina/plainview......then clovis 😆

  22. Perds vary quite a bit, but definitely don’t think frio as the ears on them flare outwards creating a “walking man” where as perds to me look like Patrick star

  23. Shit bro I'd damn near say montell, or Uvalde or perd, idk 🤷🏼‍♂️

  24. I find a lot of turds and pooters, trash and discards - but I love them all.

  25. Haven’t figured out why some get coated and some don’t most the ones that are deeper on that like calcium layer but I feel like I found some further up that get coated. Any idea as to why some do And some don’t?

  26. If you look back on my post you can see a massive perd that when uncased from that shit, was just fucking amazing 👏

  27. I will definitely check it out.I have look through some of your post and inspired me to dig more I’ll say that much ha ha

  28. .......Really??? My man !!!! The fact that I helped inspire you to dig more is worth all the time I've put in !!!

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