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  1. Yet another Sanderson fan outjerking us all, Time to pack it up guys

  2. ESH. Yes, it’s okay for you to be disappointed by her decision and process that disappointment, and it’s not okay for her to tell you to “get over it” and “be a man” It’s also not okay for you to have pleaded and begged her to change her decision about you being in the room with her. It’s fine to have discussions, and it’s fine to ask her reasoning, but you trying to convince her to change her mind by pleading, begging, convincing, etc. is not respectful of her and her authority in this matter.

  3. Lol maybe that’s the reason sex was evolved, but purpose is also the reason something is done for. Lots of people have sex for pleasure and leisure, thus sex’s purpose can also be for enjoyment.

  4. Just wait until she hears about restore previous versions 😏

  5. Your best bet in Canada is to find a chain. They're basically always hiring and they have very structured onboarding and training programs.

  6. I’m in Waterloo (mid-sized city about an hour from Toronto). Thanks for the help!

  7. I’d say working as a host first is generally the route. But I’m in a major city where it’s more competitive

  8. Thanks for the tip! I live in a fairly big city too so it’s also competitive here, I also have a milestones near me!

  9. Hmm. I agree that the movement has ignored people suffering from chronic mental illnesses for different reasons. I don’t think self-diagnosis is a huge problem, and I think many of the people who claim to have mental illnesses are being truthful.

  10. I see that you made this post long ago now, but for future reference... The directions from my Vyvanse have directions for dissolving the meds into food, and it says to consume it all immediately after mixing. I imagine it's likely for the sake of efficacy, and if so, I wouldn't suggest keeping the meds dissolved in water for up to 3 days.

  11. If the women I work with are comfortable in the office temperature wise I can assure you I am sweating through my shirt.

  12. I live in the UK, we don't do the cooling thing, we do the heating thing so there's also an environmental impact to unnecessary heating where a layer could be used but I agree a middle ground where everyone is slightly uncomfortable is better than half the people being comfy and half in some sort of personal hellscape

  13. Yea I agree. Over-heating is bad, but so is air conditioning. I think people should turn both off within reasonable temperatures. However, things should be kept equal for when temperature control is needed.

  14. But it still changed their body. Just like shoes today change people's feet. It's not "extremely dangerous" but it's not really advantageous or healthy to fuck up our feet for fashion.

  15. What are your sources for “supposed to have flat feet”? I’ve had pretty high foot arches since I was a kid, and I almost always wear insoles with sneakers and boots, I’ve very rarely worn heels.

  16. I had an impossible time with depth perception and got very nauseous, but things were clearer around the edges... I'm literally totally shocked right now.

  17. I’ve felt the same thing whenever I’ve gotten a new prescription, granted it was only minor changes but it went away in around a day or two! Go get some when you can

  18. It drives me up the wall that all of them are only protected by their thinly veiled dogwhistles. Everyone knows how they really feel about lgbtq people by their unrelenting loaded “questions” about sexuality and gender, and their complete lack of shown support. Not to mention the conspiracies spread on social media.

  19. Edit: THE PIC POSTED IS WRONG, I forgot I used a colour conditioner before I took it,

  20. Apologies for the delayed response. You got downvoted but I'll respond.

  21. Hey I know this is an old post, but would (for example) youtubers who aren’t employed by YouTube (no contract) but, but monetize their videos via ads on videos be considered directly funded or not?

  22. Posted a pic of my hair to the curlyhair subreddit when I was like 14 because I stopped straightening my hair and was happy that my curls were starting to come back

  23. Sex ed in the Netherlands teaches kids that discharge changes during the month. It's important that the kids learn what is happening to their body. I didn't know as a young woman and thought that there was something wrong with me.

  24. This makes me genuinely so happy, I went to school in a large city in Ontario Canada and was still not taught about even the existence of discharge. I thought there was something wrong with me for so long.

  25. obviously my brief rant doesn't constitute every possible permutation of how these scenarios can play out. I was referencing specifically the women who demand such extravagant things as a mandatory condition of their engagement... and the men who comply rather than take it as the red flag that it really is.

  26. I know. What I’m questioning is how you definitively know that these outrageously expensive wedding rings that a man cannot afford are being demanded by women? Do you personally know couples that have told you this? Or are you making assumptions of couple’s finances, wedding ring costs, and women’s behaviours?

  27. Yes I do know some couples both first and second hand that went through such things. And there's tons of viral video's out there with women going on rants on social media or being interviewed on the street regarding these kind of questions and sharing their views about how they "deserve" rings of that cost. I'm not just pulling this out of thin air, these women do exist.

  28. Street interviews and social media aren’t good determinants of behaviour because people will always do/say outrageous things for attention or clout. If you know couples personally that are definitely like this then fair enough, I guess it is a real issue in some circles. Sad that some demand it and fuck the diamond industry.

  29. Correct, modern art should never be compared to other art styles, and I do believe that modern art is mostly for the money.

  30. Do you really think Van Gogh made starry night for “the money” he would never see in his pockets? Do you think Picasso made Guernica for “the money” instead of a way to protest the senseless fascist bombing of a culturally significant Spanish town (especially when it was one of the few paintings he did not sell to his exclusive art dealer)? Do you think frida kahlo painted her experience of living with traumatic chronic pain and an abusive partner for money even though she was relatively unknown until after her death?

  31. Uhh they would be disgusting. The homeless people would most likely sleep in them and they would smell horribly

  32. Oh god forbid you see a homeless person minding their own business in public area, even worse is a bad stench! I’m clutching my pearls just thinking about it!

  33. Lord I need to take a break from the internet I think because her “I don’t like extreme shows of wealth, honestly. There’s too many homeless people for that” at the end spiked my blood pressure.

  34. Girl be for real. That quote was in reference to the real issue of suburban sprawl, she specially mentioned how large houses are wasteful and she’s absolutely right. Regardless, having a private flight and Chanel bags GIFTED to you is nothing compared to buying a Mansion/McMansion yourself.

  35. Person struts around in unusual cloths their underwear while someone records them in public.

  36. Holy shit dude, you can clearly tell that she’s a fashion influencer by the model walk, intentional styling and the person filming her. I have nothing against sex workers but its really rude and misogynistic to assume that a woman is a hooker because she wears revealing clothing, especially while you ignore the clear signs that indicate she’s not a hooker (being filmed, model walk, like c’mon. she’s obviously an influencer or works in media.) shame on you.

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