Megathread: Biden Pardoning All Federal Marijuana Possession Offenses and Initatiating Process to Federally Re-Schedule Marijuana

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u/Ogediah and u/musicman835 explain why it's funny graphics on Reddit showing Americans moving to California don't get nearly as much attention as the one showing people leaving because "that would hurt the ✨narrative✨"

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  1. Please quote the text in the bill that is banning ALL guns. You keep making disingenuous arguments. Banning the sale of one type of rifle does not ban ALL rifles. That's like saying if they ban flip flops they're taking ALL shoes away.

  2. Jesus, this is what you said "vote dem, lose my right to vote firearms" again that is the same as saying vote dem lose my right to own shoes when they are only banning flip flops. You are straight up lying and it's why everyone is calling you out. It's the same as if I said the sky was green and you said no the sky is not green and then I said "I never said the sky is green".... if you had just said vote dem and lose my right to buy a rifle I would have no quarrel with you but you are fox newsing the shit out of this. Can you please admit that you said. "Vote dem lose my right to own fire arms" and then explain to me where in the bill you think ALL firearms are being banned? how can you not just look back at your own comment and realize you're a dumbass.

  3. Telling a guy hes gay and needs to put up with women assaulting him is straight up disturbing. I'm 6'5 ex rugby player gay dude and I hate that women think it's ok to do whatever the fuck they want to me because I'm a big guy and my size and my gender make it ok to physically and sexually assault me. Women who think it's ok to do this shit just because they are women are literally disgusting human beings.

  4. Maybe I should just have my gf pick up and tell him I'm asleep. That should make him feel pretty awkward.

  5. So your girlfriend is the only one in the relationship with a spine?

  6. Well like I said in the post It actually doesn't bother me that much. Please continue overreacting on my behalf

  7. It doesn't bother you that much but your whining on reddit about it and you're going to have your girlfwend answer your phone for you in the middle of the night to tell your boss off because you're to spineless to stand up for yourself? If it doesn't bother why involve your girlfriend? If it doesnt bother you why post about it?

  8. Anyone else remember that reddit post of the guy who admitted he eats all kinds of insects and can't stop? He went into waaay too much detail about the... textures and such. I want it to be fake but it was really convincing.

  9. How would becoming conservative or whatever the red pill does change this situation?

  10. I've always dismissed claims of falsified sexual assualt accusations as overblown but seeing how quickly one angry person can completely destroy my life because she was upset I would not wait over ten minutes at her stop I don't think sexual assault accusations should carry any merit or weight unless it's on video. We should not believe survivors is what I've learned from this. Automatically assuming the accused is guilty leads to situations like this where I am now cut off from my main source of income because of one upset passenger out of 6.5 thousand happy passengers I have driven. Moving forward I will assume any person claiming sexual assualt is lying.

  11. dude ; i am sympathetic to your situation but - you shouldn’t be so fucking savage with your views. you should’ve never thought it was so black and white to begin with. You in the past never thought the me too movement ruined peoples careers based on lies ? but now that you suffered the same fate, you are willing to believe everyone is a liar unless proven innocent?

  12. It's not that I didnt think it never happenens but if you listen to the narrative false accusations are extremely rare. The "believe all survivors" mindset is enabling psychos to wield SA accusations as a weapon. Having now been on the other side of something I've never thought I'd be accused of I'm just never going to look at accusations the same.

  13. Welcome to the club it happens to all of us. Usually happens to me once every 700 rides 😆. Been reported twice and I’m at 1,400 rides now so I just assumed that every 700 I’ll get a false report at this point.

  14. I was just falsely reported for sexual misconduct / assault. I'm gay, I just wouldn't wait over 10 minutes at a stop so the lady got me deactivated

  15. I, a gay man, just got deactivated for "assualt" becaus I wouldn't wait over 10 minutes at a stop for an angry woman. We 100% need a union. Just asked the driversguild to support me since Lyft wont even communicate with me about what the passenger alleges has happened

  16. Why'd you take the markers out tho OP?

  17. No its gross, the dog would literally die without it because Bulldogs are the biggest crime against humanity ever produced and people should face the death penalty for breeding them. This is coming from someone who lives in Athens and went to UGA.

  18. This is called the board of trustees in the higher Ed world. Nobody knows them or what they actually do, but for some reason they hold an asinine amount of power.

  19. So trump asking the proud boys to stand back and stand should be a criminal charge as it's asking his supporters to kill liberals?...

  20. Never seen a fire hydrant in a house before. That's wild. Do you have a big fire hose too? Maybe that's the way. Just put fireman gear under the bed with a house and fire hydrants in every bathroom.

  21. Its required for rentals to have fire extinguisher in most states in us

  22. Holy shit, keepin my black ass away from the field while active. Good thing ill be leaving this company around a month or less

  23. I heard the target's at the new locations are deeper and the access tunnels are supposedly better so hopefully it's not as bad for yall

  24. Its the main site i work, construction was finished and i gotta wait till they are officially opened to the public to continue working there

  25. The facilities manager required us to do push ups or pay fines if we didnt have certain equipment on us at all times. I managed to get him fired after reporting him directly to corporate after being ignored locally but still quit cause that place sucks. They paid out my 2 weeks notice because they were afraid I was going to shut down the whole venue as retaliation because I was the IT guy.

  26. I was also banned without a given reason and when I reached out for clarification I got suspended from all of reddit for 3 days for "mod harrasment". I literally never messaged the mods before asking why I was banned. Instant site wide suspension for mod harrasment....

  27. I’m very glad for the apology. I’m LGBT and the call was honestly a little hard to stomach, but as long as Ethan understands and grows from this, like the caller said, I’ll be here. Family.

  28. Dan saying those hurt by his comments need to STFU and unsubscribe... Dan has lost it

  29. I don't recall him saying "bottoms are ___, and that's bad." You prescribing something onto him from perceived "negative" traits is on you, not him. Being submissive is fine, being belittled is fine, bottoms usually enjoy those things during sex, I would know bc I'm a gay man and I can confidentially say bottoms enjoy those things more than tops do lol. Either way, to say Ethan is coming at this from a negative perspective on gay people is delusional

  30. Saying james gets railed so hard he needs to wear diapers was clearly not negative at all. STFU

  31. Ehhhhh bit of a wild comparison, his jokes don’t ever come from a negative opinion about the subject. antisemitic jokes, especially when coming from the the keem crowd, are intended to put down jewish people. Peace and Love✌🏽

  32. As a 6'5 350 lbs rugby player who is CONSTANTLY belittled by straight people for bottoming Dan and Ethans comments were 100% intended to put down, demean, and belittle bottoms. Ethan needs to box somebody like me and then maybe after hes hospitalized by a bottom he'll stop running his mouth about bottoms.

  33. As a 6'5 350 lbs rugby playing bottom who is constantly belittled and made fun of by almost every single straight person who finds out my preference this pod no longer feels like "family" to me. Ethan running his mouth and making fun of matt for being a bottom was disgusting. But Dan saying that anyone hurt by Ethans comments / behavior with Matt should STFU and leave was so heartbreaking. Unsubscribed. You don't see Ethan ever making dyke jokes so I get it that you're unbothered but maybe have some empathy for the gay people who were actually hurt by this. Just because he doesn't belittle lesbians doesn't mean other queer people aren't being hurt by the shit he says.

  34. So because they had a guest with a gay audience, they can’t make a joke about whether or not somebody is a bottom? How does that make any sense?

  35. Doesn't matter who they have or haven't had on. They never should have cracked top/bttm jokes in the first place. That's never ok.

  36. Why does laundry require a raise? I am not quite sure where OP works, but I'd assume laundry isn't a full time job but rather washing uniforms or some semi-regular non-dedicated type task (Not washing sheets a hotel / dry cleaners). I am all about giving people a living wage but imho starting a load of laundry throughout the day isn't a battle I would fight.

  37. Yeah I just checked, shes front desk for a hotel. Laundry is not her responsibility.

  38. Could be hotel laundry. Takes hours

  39. Savannah is weird. The tourist part of town is like an idyllic southern town, then you go a few blocks over and you're in a predominantly black housing project. Definitely makes you think about how the "idyllic southern town" is effectively still segregated.

  40. That's every town in GA basically tho

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