1. Totally. I just rewatched season 5 and thought the same thing. I was like “damn, jinkx broke Roxxy’s brain.” It was a meltdown in a high-stress environment on a tv show. Embarrassing, but forgivable. I love watching Roxxy perform. She’s got charisma on stage.

  2. Haha man you just see her zeroing in more and more every single episode until she's like a Bond Villain. I did think that her all stars season redeemed her somewhat but it was kind of blown by her sisters dragging her bloated corpse all the way through to the end.

  3. The last time she laid into Jinkx in the workroom, Jinkx and Alaska are like O_o

  4. The whole “I take drag very seriously” rant where she fully committed to pretending like she didn’t understand the difference between treating drag like a “joke” and being a campy comedy queen. Alaska was definitely gravitating toward Jinkx by the end. 😂

  5. Based on the description of what you're writing, it sounds like you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the romance genre, and marketing it as such is likely to be counterproductive to your growth.

  6. What keeps confusing me is- if you don't want your work to get labeled as erotica on Amazon and want to keep it in the romance section so you get more views but what you're writing is erotica then how do you market it to the right people and avoid the wrath of disappointed romance readers?

  7. Yep, that makes sense to me which is why I was greatly confused to see it offered as advice here over and over again. Thanks for clearing things up.

  8. I actually wouldn’t care and think it would reflect so much better on her if she went public with that and said basically what you just did: I want another kid, I don’t want more interpersonal drama.

  9. Because they think they’re better than everybody else especially black women which is what comes to mind when you use the term « baby mama. » Their men leave baby mamas to have a happy family with them because, in their narrative, they are the most desirable women of all and no man can resist them. But actually they go for bottom-of-the-barrel men who can easily be led astray- from their originally baby mamas and from the Ks, too.

  10. I believe that second paragraph too. She’d settle for that. Her views on how she should be treated are really sad.

  11. I think she thinks we’re all dumb and just don’t understand « how the world works » and that « everybody cheats. »

  12. I was feeling really optimistic about my chances (I have an MFA in fiction writing and have won awards for my fiction) and I’ve sold a grand total of $3 in the first couple of weeks. But I’m not too discouraged, I listened to the advice on this sub and tweaked my blurbs and covers but that didn’t really help my sales so now I’m exploring different niches- the niche thing is definitely the hardest part because I’ve struggled to be able to follow the FAQ guide on this sub for research and people guard the niches they’re having success in like Fort Knox, which was frustrating at first when I was desperate for money and praying that someone would just tell me what works so I could do it. They won’t, for obvious reasons. Joining reading groups on FB helped me start to figure that part out. But from what I read, the most important thing is to build a backlog and read read read. I’m working on the reading now- this isn’t usually the kind of fiction I read but I was a Harlequin and Literotica fangirl when I was younger. I believe that I can work it out and start hitting my stride, but my first two shorts being total and complete flops definitely dinged my confidence. I guess what I’m saying is, be prepared to put in work up front without seeing a payoff right away, and be ready to adjust, learn, grow and try new things if you find that what you’re doing isn’t really connecting. I’ve read conflicting things here like, there’s something wrong with your approach if you don’t make $100 or more off your first short, but also that you should never pay attention to your first sales on any short because it’s all about the snowball effect. So it’s not as « easy money » as I’d hoped, at least not yet, but I’m able to devote a lot of time and effort to learning the field and trying stuff out right now so I’m keeping my chin up and trusting that I can achieve this goal if I commit fully to it.

  13. This I’m learning. Seems like that’s really the least important part of the passive marketing 😅

  14. Create a bolded tagline at the top that shows the niche + chemistry of Gwyn and Striker.

  15. Thank you so much for this, it’s so helpful. I’m definitely just starting to wade in and it’s overwhelming.

  16. I feel like the roast on the julia fox was uncalled for. She even posted pictures of her at her lowest point.

  17. Yeah she's completely out of pocket, I've never thought that one of her rants was necessarily called for. She's just a fount of ridiculous, meme-worthy shit but I hope no one actually lauds her because she's toxic fr.

  18. Her comment on Julia’s cool sculpted abs lives in my head rent free

  19. Literally, every time I hear or see anything about cool sculpting, "terrible cool sculpting" goes through my head.

  20. « Men in those fields » has been cracking me up all morning idc.

  21. Haha you got it figured out, huh? My mom never let me have video games when I was a kid, when I got older and bought them for myself I started developing hand-eye coordination I’d never had. My brain started to learn how to solve puzzles, how to think outside the box. Pretty much everything you’re saying here is a gross generalization and pretty off the mark. Sometimes the best path to self-improvement is to worry about yourself.

  22. And people say they make everything look expensive and im like🥴😰

  23. More like everything they wear is expensive and they still look cheap.

  24. That’s what makes me laugh. I just can’t help it when they’re wearing a good couple grand worth of jewellery, shoes and clothing but making it look like they got it 40% off from the knock-off store

  25. I mean, that Fashion Nova fit fr. There have been times when they have looked expensive but it seems like those times are long gone. I guess they’re living by the Dolly Parton credo now- it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.

  26. Omg wait I got confused because he dated Bella Thorne in like 2017. The woman in the bathroom was bella banos apparently

  27. Haha I was exaggerating a bit but Bella Thorne is still in mid twenties right and the incident with Kim/Scott was several many years ago. But that makes sense that it wasn’t her. I just feel for that girl, who definitely did not seem to have consented to being on the show especially like that.

  28. D&G still look down on her, they know she’ll do ANYTHING for clout and so they put her in THAT dress, not in something glamorous, not in something classy, not in something stunning, they put her in something she looks ridiculous in. Sad.

  29. And the worst part is all the glamazons that come striding confidently in after her, so at home in their bodies and sexy and beautiful in clothes they can actually move in. I wonder if Kim will ever regret this over-constricted, over-constructed super-villain caricature fashion phase. Even fits like this that are undoubtedly gorgeous seem pointless if there’s going to be video out there of you looking this dumb. Like what is the tipping point where sexy works back around to stupid, when it’s so try hard that you can’t even walk?

  30. It’s all consumption to her she literally doesn’t care. eta word

  31. Yeah a couple of weeks ago there was a whole photo essay, I think over there. At least it makes sense why they all are so controlling of their image if their bodies are starting to become wonky in ways they can’t easily fix. It makes me wonder if that has anything to do with Kim and Khloe going so hard in the opposite direction now, pretending it’s just weight loss that’s changing their bodies while they try to get stuff fixed.

  32. I am mad at myself for not liking it as much as I should. But it always leaves me underwhelmed for some reason.

  33. I feel like several of the Monica/Chandler storylines come off as forced and badly acted- this one, they don’t know we know they know, the shark porn thing. They are good together comedic ally but the earnestness isn’t there for me a lot of the time like it is with Ross and Rachel or even Chandler and Cathy.

  34. Wrote almost 7k words today. Published my first short on Tuesday, so far one order and six complete reads, but it’s been categorized as erotica on Amazon so I’m a bit freaked out about that. From what I can find on here I just need to keep building my catalogue with less risqué themes next time. It’s all a learning process (I keep telling myself haha).

  35. Having all my characters always looking, staring, glancing, gazing, blinking, glaring, etc etc etc.

  36. This is me! I always want to describe what they’re focusing on.

  37. Yay twin! Haha. I mean, a lot of acting in movies is looking, glancing, glaring, peering, etc etc. Actresses have made entire careers off « eye acting. » So it is relevant information but it easily overburdens the text.

  38. All bodies are different, seriously. I’ve seen people share progress photos of themselves at the same weight but their bodies are vastly different because they were working out/lifting weights in one and not in the other. Body types are a real thing too, Kendall is naturally tall and lean. Some people are naturally tall and more likely to carry weight like Khloe, or short and heavier mainly because they are more curvaceous, Kim. I think Kim has also struggled to keep her weight low a lot more and longer than she lets us know. I start to look sick skinny at a weight where other people would look chubby because I carry a lot of weight in my boobs and hips/ass and it makes me look hollow everywhere else when I lose a lot of weight.

  39. What Halloween costume?👀

  40. All the sisters dressed up as Victoria Secret angels a few years ago for Halloween. I think they made a big deal out of the outfits being actual VS outfits.

  41. Any hobby that makes your loved ones feel like overlooked shit.

  42. Sorry friend. My partner doesn’t believe in celebrating holidays except the ones he enjoys- New Years, Fourth of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving. He hasn’t bought me a birthday gift in so long I can’t even remember what the last one was. Usually all I get for birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries is a fight, maybe dinner. But he has three vehicles two of which are hobbies, all three of which require constant « work » so that’s where all his time and money goes. I’ve largely accepted it and tried to get past ideas of materialism or feeling like I need to be celebrated, but it’s not even about the gift or anything, just being made to feel noticed and special by the person who is supposed to love you. The worst part is when you can see their passion for the things they care about and their willingness to spend time and money on things that are important to them, and realizing that maybe you aren’t one of the important things.

  43. Getting drunk. For some people, it is their favorite pastime. I like to party and go out and have fun but someone whose idea of fun every weekend, or every night, is just going to the bar or somewhere else for the sole purpose of getting drunk. So boring, a huge red flag, and I’m someone who can’t keep a bottle of whiskey in the house for more than four or five days without draining it so I’m not a teetotaler or anything.

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