1. i’ve been in the same situation as sydney and i truly know how hard it is to navigate that situation when you have such strong feelings for the person. i truly hope he’s all for her and keeps his act together if they last outside of the villa. i see certain insecurities of myself in sydney and i want her to have the shot in the relationship that i couldn’t🥹

  2. I see my younger self (and somewhat current) in Sydney and it makes me want her to have so much success and happiness!

  3. they expect these people to be perfect and being a hot mess is not acceptable when they’re probably the same behind the screen

  4. This is exactly what made me sad when people were talking crap about both Sydney and Courtney. They call out Courtney for being “perfect” and “fake” but then also hate on Sydney for being real and her spray tan or hair not being perfect when she’s going through an emotional rollercoaster. It seems like they can’t win.

  5. Not me apparently having it too even though I don’t have implants…oh wait it’s just dry eyes

  6. “she has every quality in a woman I’m looking for” “she’s my person” “she’s makes me want to be a better me” “she’s my other half”

  7. I’ve never seen less of a “girls girl”. I get you are in a crunch to try and make a connection but the shadiness and more than anything comparing and putting down other girls is not cute and not it. In addition dissing other peoples jobs is never something that is going to make you likable. Everyone has a role and your schooling or job clearly does not make you a better person.

  8. I wish they sent Syd and Kat home. It’s time to see some actual repercussions from Casa.

  9. Sydney is my favorite but I almost wanted her to leave, and they secretly add her back as a grenade or something, so she can watch what he would do with her gone!

  10. And in the chat she’s like “I’m just a girls girl”

  11. In the US most large events, professional and college level sporting events and large concerts only allow clear bags of a certain size (think small crossbody bag) in now for safety!

  12. Yo thank you for this. It bugs me how easily girls turn against each other when it's the guy who put them both in that situation??? it's like when a guy cheats on his girlfriend and the girlfriend goes AFTER the other woman. like your boyfriend is the one who broke a promise to you and looked elsewhere

  13. He’s for sure the one that broke the promise and doesn’t deserve either of them. I think that “stealing someone’s man” is just such a gross thing too many girls have been through. Knowing someone has a girlfriend (and I know they don’t have those labels) and pushing that hard is just very off putting especially when it comes to selling yourself and not just relying on a genuine connection.

  14. I think she honestly maybe even would have come off better if she just kept the same energy in the house! She was very confident in casa and then came in and immediate was so sensitive and insecure. If she was just unapologetic and said I’m a strong woman and I see something in Isaiah so I’ll wait for him to work out those feelings and I was expecting this I think it would be different..maybe?

  15. Pre law is for sure a thing. The school I went to for undergrad and my masters had programs for students wanting to go to law school.

  16. Yeah “programs” where you hang out and find out more about what law school is like and they let you know about requirements. There’s not a “pre-law” degree or anything. Or you think you know more than the actual lawyer above?

  17. I’m gonna say it again…y’all are giving Phoebe too much credit with this “pre-law” bs. It’s not a degree it’s essential just in undergrad and hoping/planning to apply to law school!

  18. Is this all a giant secret plot because Jeff wants Sydney?!?

  19. She reeks of insecurity, I don’t give af how pretty or educated she is. Anyone who has to constantly put someone down in order to make themselves feel better is a sad individual.

  20. Also she throws “pre-law” around like it means something. Couldn’t that literally just be any random undergraduate degree? I know people who graduated with journalism, university studies, etc degrees and went to law school…

  21. Thank you! I wanted to defend Ariel since she's my favorite of the partners but people in that post had a strong bully vibe going on, didn't want to anger the horde.

  22. Also how is Ned always voted so low?? He has a lot of my favorite lines/moments!

  23. Does not appear infected. Neosporin is not commonly recommended anymore, but of course you should follow your surgeons protocol. I would just watch for signs of irritation!

  24. I don’t hate Kim but lol at “booming career”. Even as a fan she’s clearly on her way out.

  25. Has he always been this short and skinny?? I don’t mean that in a mean way at all, I seriously just didn’t even realize who she was with at first!

  26. It doesn’t appear like you’re getting a good solid quad contraction before performing the SLR. The entire point is using those quadricep muscles completely solid in extension and maintaining it throughout the range of motion or you are just placing stress on the ligaments.

  27. Sounds like you’re in your first year of PT school? Our job is not the one to do if you’re primary goal is financial freedom. Not that it can’t be done but there is so much learning that still takes place after you graduate and our primary goal is/should be truly helping patients. Seeing that many patients in HH a week straight out of school would make me terrified of the quality/safety of care you would be providing, as well as how much you would be able to look back at notes, review treatment ideas, etc outside of just scheduled visits and doc time.

  28. No idea how to find said programs huh?? Lol

  29. I use Apostrophe. Just go to the website and go from there.

  30. I don’t know that fibromyalgia is what I would focus on if you’re looking for best bang for your buck neuro. I would focus on stroke, SCI, and neurodegenerative conditions as a “big 3”

  31. Chess athlete, stood up during a practice tournament session with team to arrange the chair and table, upon twisting on planted foot to pull the heavy chair, heard a pop and boom ACL tear. Reconstructed and was able to go back to playing chess after 3, months. Just in time for the tournament.

  32. It took him 3 months to get back to playing chess? Is it a much wilder “sport” than I’m imagining?

  33. 3 weeks for my own ACL/meniscus reconstruction repair. Came back still PWB on crutches

  34. I'm still wondering how Davidson got on SNL in the first place.

  35. The story is literally everywhere. No need to wonder if you’re actually curious…

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