what to do with cat who fakes injury just to get wet food?

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  1. Exactly. This is more indicative of the city you’re driving in than Uber itself. Also try to be more careful driving. Avoid things like picking up pax from sketchy areas of town and driving during late hours of the day. Also don’t pickup pax that have below a 4.8/4.9.

  2. I agree. Ratings matter. When it’s late/early in the AM I avoid anything 4.7. Sometimes there’s outliers but better to be sure.

  3. Very true. 4.9 is the lowest I’d go on Lyft. Most of the Lyft rides are in bad areas. I wouldn’t chance it. I also avoid Uber 5.0 ratings. They’re usually a new account and more likely to be problematic especially in sketchy areas.

  4. Don’t pickup anyone that has no history and no rides.

  5. Below 4.8 at night in a bad neighborhood is a pass. Otherwise everything’s a situation.

  6. They simply don’t want to share the cancel fee. It’s just outrageous and fraudulent.

  7. Dammit idk why I didn’t do this. I’m a 5 year driver too, I got caught up arguing with her and just rage canceled.

  8. I don’t discuss it other than to say I can’t do it and they know why. I keep rolling and will park within the area/parking lot and wait for 5 minutes. After that hit whatever you need to continue the streak. Lyft will just deny you the money otherwise. They want to you to absorb the liability.

  9. I gotta say uber keeps cutting our cut... and drivers like you justify in my book.

  10. Nope some of these pax add the stop while in the car without asking. Can’t afford to sit there for pennies especially if they don’t clear it first.

  11. How do I do it just keep swiping “confirm stop”?

  12. Swipe till it says dropoff. Ride’s done. Although remember they can rate you unless you cancel the whole thing. I can’t afford to do these stop rides anymore. I ask as I pull up if it’s a dropoff. If not cancel.

  13. We lost a dog in October 2021 and we have a lot of other pets, including a 19 year old cat. I love them all, and though it's very painful the loss they are with it.

  14. He’s a beautiful cat with a special soul. You paid him a kindness in releasing him from any further illness. I believe we’l see them again in whatever is beyond this veil. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  15. Exactly, all I have to be is in the zone when I get pinged and the streak starts, I don't even have to go back to the zone if it restarts in the same hour. Just when a new streak starts.

  16. This is the actual way it works. Any ping while you’re in that shaded area will start the process. Two more after that will yield the money.

  17. Was looking for this comment. On Uber ~4.85 is decent enough rating, but on Lyft 4.8 is a garbage rating. I consider a Lyft 4.8 equivalent to an Uber 4.6. Definitely a pass by me, especially having them in my car for 3 hours.

  18. That rating indicates to me that a very recent number of drivers were F’d over by this person. I wouldn’t get near that rider.

  19. I have more photos of my animals than anything else in my phone! Her name is Ghost! 👻

  20. She’s so beautiful! Love her name. Is she a talker?🐾

  21. Yes! She yells at constantly! Her brother is all black. The mom was a Siamese and the dad was a black domestic and our vet rescued the whole family from a field about 7 years ago. Ghost and her brother were kittens and we adopted them. They are the best!

  22. That’s great! I love the talkers. She is spectacular and I wonder if she knows it?🐾💙

  23. Thank you. Yeah they are not super helpful or easy to communicate with, which is why Im not even sure if this was the real reason I was deactivated cuz it wouldn't be the first time one of them has told me some complete nonsense. There were 2 sketchy trips I made the night previously (not where I did anything wrong, but I could see them being stretched into an unjustified claim against me) that I assumed was probably why, but was unable to verify this and was only ever told the thing about the $350 cancellation fee. Ive signed up with Lyft in the meantime but will definitely be in a pretty big hole with bills if I can't getting back to making money soon :( might go to a Greenlight hub 3.5 hrs away. Its a huge pain in the ass but Im hoping being face to face with someone from the US trying to help me out will be more helpful.

  24. What did the email say? I thought they always send an email when something like this happens.

  25. Low energy. Go to the gym 5 days a week but feel the need to nap daily. Gains are slow, but still getting some. Libido is fine. Have battled anxiety/depression but hate taking the meds and don’t really see any benefit. Have taken myself off of them repeatedly. Hoping TRT is the answer, but also don’t want to overdo it and kill myself. Thoughts?

  26. Thirty years ago I was battling depression. By happenstance I wound up going to a very good hospital to get checked. Mine was 50-150 T levels with normal FSH/LH. Took eight months of testing to tell me they couldn’t discern the cause.

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/doordash_drivers/comments/uljj7a/wait_did_panera_bread_just_admit_to_stealing_tips

  28. That’s awful. This should be clearly indicated by DD before getting burnt on a order that is accepted.

  29. The driver knew that and probably got paid very little. I’m not excusing him but in my area that trip might pay $4-5.

  30. I don’t think you understand what Uber costs in VHCOL cities. I just pulled up San Mateo Marriott to SFO (about 5 miles) and it’s $66 for UberX

  31. They do this because they don’t have enough money for the real ride to clear their credit card. This is an old scam. I’ve had it run on me too many times

  32. Do not sit in the front seat, I think drivers find that uncomfortable and some are too shy to say anything.

  33. I agree with this assessment. I just motion the rider to the backseat. I try to connect with every passenger that wants to chat but I personally have had a few bad rides with people in the front seat. Although if someone needed to sit in the front for a health reason or was older or disabled I would certainly accommodate them.

  34. That’s a smart feline🐾💙🐱

  35. Very doable. I’d be on that like white on rice. These only come around once in a blue moon.

  36. This move is obscene. They want to make maximum profit while paying us even less. Between this and the eta no-show fee policy I’m taking a break from Lyft.

  37. It’s a good opener to avoid the crazy people. I think you’re in the winning column after that exchange

  38. Yes and in the past it connected to the passenger, this time it did not. Seemed like there was a technical issue on their side yet they aren't seeing that. I have screenshots to prove that i called and sent to their customer service on their site. It's frustrating because in the app I'm talking to bots.

  39. Next time make sure your WiFi isn’t on. Sometimes that interferes with the phone call on iPhone.

  40. Example one;At once lyft send me 35 mile away from denver metropolitan area , if i come back offline i will use my 35 mile personal use and i have onky left 55 mile . Example 2 ; if i drive Fort collins ,CO middle of the night which is 60 mile from downtown , i have to be online while back to downtown.so i can’t use my personal mileage and i will online use all the time .

  41. Just use a filter to return where you’re going

  42. Their humanity and personal hygiene

  43. Between this craziness and the eta no-show fee non payment this company is straight up losing its mind.

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