1. thank you! can you maybe explain why? if not its okay.

  2. thank you! can you maybe explain why? if not its okay.

  3. the same thing happened to me, i had an abuser tell me i had bpd before i was diagnosed. hate that he was right.

  4. omg bpd?!! anyways i suggest living in a apartment complex like the view almost basically in campus

  5. i’m so mad i dropped out of temple in 2019 but we could’ve been friends u seem rly cool 😔

  6. omg we could have :( u dont live in philly anymore? ALSO I JUST SAW A GHIBLI MOVIE IN THEATERS YESTERDAY called porco rosso. its technically off campus but its closer to campus than jh or white hall

  7. i regularly check the social media of a girl i was friends with in 4th grade, and another friend i stopped being friends with in my first year of college.

  8. I took a stand alone history class at university of phoenix online. You don’t have to join a program. They have options for just “continuing education”

  9. I would definitely elect to take more history courses than this. You'll find that the Education component is way overdone and not always useful in the classroom, while more history content will always make you a better teacher, even when its not associated with the particular classes you teach.

  10. Sadly this is all my university offers for the history program. I was in an American university but I left due to covid. I will definitely buy history books though.

  11. Love it. I was on the same road when I went back to school. I steered away from education and am double majoring in History and Archaeology but sometimes I still think about teaching. History teachers are vital and I am proud of you. Best of luck.

  12. What did you think? Would you want similar schools to New College or was that not really what you were looking for?

  13. Yes more similar schools! I like New College but when I checked their list of courses for the majors on both the website and the catalog it was very limited.

  14. Okay. These won’t be 1:1 with New College, but hopefully they’ll check most of your boxes. Let me know what you think.

  15. my therapist left for a better job and i don’t have any close relationships with people who aren’t family. i’m not doin too hot but i never have so :/

  16. wtf i just saw your page and youre SUPER pretty, youll definitely make some friends soon!! i hope things get better for you

  17. Compared to someone without BPD, anxiety, and depression. I probably look pretty awful. I can't work or go to school, I'm scared to leave my house, I struggle with motivation. But I have had a very successful relationship for four months and I'm 70 days free of self harm! I think all things considered I'm doing okay but I want to get better

  18. i have bpd + depression + anxiety and dropped out of school, so youre not alone! however i started over at an easier institution so its better for my health

  19. I have a LFP too. Ex-friend. I check their social media almost every day, even if we stopped being friends 3 years ago.

  20. I’ll join. I had tickets to Twicelights on the 17th of July in 2019, but on the 12th I suffered a massive stroke that put me in the hospital for six months and even had me in a coma for a while; needless to say I missed the show or anything K-Pop related the rest of that year. I finally came home in January 2020 to continue my recovery, but was in pretty poor shape; I actually felt that the pandemic was a bit of a boon as that meant I had time to recover and not miss out on K-Pop events in my country.

  21. I couldn’t go for health reasons too! I wasn’t well enough to go.

  22. OMG, I was soooo obsessed with my crush. He ended up being gay and I still think about him regularly, even though we graduated high school four years ago. The last time I saw him in public he ignored me.

  23. with bpd, sometimes it’s best to not have friends for a little while. i find that i’m more stable without friends. i hope that you find some soon.

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