1. Mf, you know that only because some stupid french who ruled the country, like for 1-2 months, we lost all of our territories, because somewhat he decided to give away them

  2. and I stopped watching them because I could almost feel my brain cells rotting

  3. I don't see anti-furries as evil on purpose but as misguided peoples who have been fed bullshit about the fandom.

  4. Me in France (okay I'm not even trying but still, I want a furry friend irl :c)

  5. No they probably wouldn't.think about it: what's a furry? it's an anthropomorphic animal.

  6. me today at 11:30 (I didn't heard my alarm due to me only sleeping 2 hours, and I went to sleep this late due to my crippling VRChat addiction, I am almost failing my year please help ;-;)

  7. Well what you are is what you make yourself to be. Sure you can be a culmination of non living elements and atoms. But you can also be a widely known and respected general, a brilliant scientist, a great leader for a nation, Etc etc. Of course just hard work isn’t enough to achieve all of that. Luck is very much needed to be widely remembered but do you have to be widely remembered? At the end of times when we all inevitably die off there won’t be anyone to remember a legacy of such. So at the end of the day. What truly matters is to give meaning to yourself, give value to yourself, and create a life that you wanna live. That may be a IT worker getting payed a bunch. Or just a good ol farmer working on the country side having fun with some pals, it doesn’t matter what it is. Because as long as you find value and enjoyment out of that. Then I think you’re pretty much up and tighty for life. And I believe that goes for both religious and non-religious people. If you’re religious of course practice what you preach (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone) if it gives value for you. If you’re non religious then do what you believe gives yourself value to yourself. The fact that this culmination of atoms that we are has given us an opportunity to build ourselves the way want to isn’t absurd. It’s beautiful.

  8. C'est bon... On a compris que tu aimes tinitin, on voit tes posts partout et surtout, tout le temps, dans tous les subs français. Tu peux te calmer maintenant?

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