1. Took both those meds. Lifesaving. Baby is eight months and eating like a champ - no issues. Might be time to put mom on a need to know diet…

  2. Not the same situation at all but I brought a fake temperpedic mattress pad for the chief call room as a chief (1/6 chiefs that shared the room) and if a senior wasn’t sleeping and a a junior was we would let them use our room as well rather than the bunks in the junior call room (shared by the other 18 residents at a time) Very good for moral. Obviously not the same but a little thing can make a huge difference in quality of life.

  3. It isn’t a problem until it’s no longer working for you! We did this for almost eight months and it was no longer working for us. We slowly moved to feeding before bath and then dropped the feeding to sleep in the middle of the night. The slow transition worked for us and now even if he wakes up in the middle of the night he puts himself to sleep without boob which works better for my work schedule and prevents dad from being tortured as he doesn’t have boobs that make milk 😆

  4. I’m old now but went to Japan with my husband and then Amsterdam/London/Ireland w friends. 0% apr credit card for 18 months lived frugallyish intern year cause I didn’t have time to spend money anyway. 10/10 would recommend.

  5. 8 months. Last night I fed twice -- per discussion about this with peds on MY schedule rather than with wake up so he doesnt associate waking up with getting fed and not learn to link sleep cycles - he basically dream feeds both times with minimal arousal. He woke up three times and cried for less than five minutes each time so no need to go in and sooth. We are still new to these thing so hoping they will get better.

  6. Can you tell me more about this? You feed your baby in the night on a schedule without waiting for them to cry and wake you? I’m curious because I may want to try it.

  7. So hopefully this explains it better. My pediatrician and I were discussing how to break the feed to sleep cycle so that when he wakes up in the middle of the night he can link sleep cycles without being fed. So the plan we came up with was feed before bath/book/song/bed (was previously bath/book/song/feed/bed), and then do a "dream feed" at 10PM and 3AM - so far he hasnt really woken up but has fed like a champ. I am not yet asleep at ten and at three I set an alarm. If he wakes up and cries, we would do cry it out/ferber/ect but NOT feed so that he doesnt associate crying and waking up with getting fed. My kiddo is still on the very small side and my boobs arent into me not feeding at all in the middle of the night yet and I dont want to pump.

  8. I just hand express a little bit. You only need a tiny bit at first since they barely eat any.

  9. That is true, I never thought about that. Yeah the refill thing would be a pain lol.

  10. The history of the development of the pill and trying to avoid pissing too many people off.

  11. Additionally you can now get extended pils like seasonique for four periods a year rather than twelve.

  12. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/pill-timeline/

  13. I also highly recommend SimplyE, which is another app that hooks up to a library card.

  14. Yesterday was an important work day. Partner is out of town. Baby waited to spike a fever until 4pm when I could easily leave and get him! It’s the little things. Luckily his fever is his only symptom -slept great last night and is happy and playing this am.

  15. Mine did this around the same age for about two weeks. Stopped all on his own! Annoying but also hilarious as my husband did bath time at the time (I would come up to help w every poop incident don’t worry). We called it the daddy special and still call poops the daddy special to this day.

  16. It may not end up applying to people who make more than an amount for instance >200k. Crossing our fingers that it applies

  17. I tell my kid to be a struggling artist so he has to stay with me forever 🤣🤣I think as long as they have open eyes and understand the pros and cons it’s fine. My parents are both attorneys and they didn’t want me to do that because they knew the cons. My grandfather did restaurant design and equipment so a lot of the family worked in that line and they always had me do my summer jobs there rather than the law firm 😃

  18. Perhaps your picking her up was the trigger though - she felt relaxed because her parent was back, and ‘let go’. So it would still have happened right after you picked her up, no matter what the time.

  19. I have had two and put a million in. Like the worst day of a normal period not the worst period ever and fairly quick!

  20. Same here. 2nd degree tear and episiotomy as well as being incredibly blocked up during pregnancy (laxatives every day!)

  21. Seven month old. Takes a Dr browns bottle without any issue but will not take any pacifier for pacifying. Likes the phillips one sometimes to chew for teething. Hates teething rings and other teething toys.

  22. Peanuts/whey/oranges. Miss my oranges more than ice cream actually. Oat milk does the trick but there’s no citrus replacement.

  23. Not the same thing but once apologized to the ED attending who had called me for my breast Pump noise in the background only for her to say no that’s my breast pump (spectra ftw!). We were both pumping lol.

  24. I’m not sure exactly what in gloves I’m allergic to but I can use greens and blues and I find the blues to be much better when I need more tactile feedback…so maybe you can use blues?

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