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  1. That more research line is total bullshit. The Dallas paper had a oped piece saying the same thing maybe 2 weeks back. While that line has been used over and over yet no research was done to enact the marijuana laws. In the meantime actual research has brought us multiple strains of potent smoke. Also, oils and edibles for cooking or meds, whatever. Someone ask Cronyn when or if his research will start??

  2. Someone posted above but if you contact his office, he literally says more research is needed... witnout any irony.

  3. Here’s part of an email response Sen Cornyn sent me regarding the need for more research for cannabis legalization… also his opinion that it will lead to more opioid overdoses… Hypocrisy knows no bounds

  4. JFC. Give us more judges. Get rid of our court backlog. Revamp the misdemeanor drug courts. Allow police to actually police instead of be glorified security guards for wealthy neighborhoods and big events. Invest in community programs. Increase teacher salaries and school budgets but make sure it stays out of the hands of admins and district sticky fingers.

  5. Want new courts? Got to get those from the state government.

  6. Rude, did our time together in 2004/2005 mean nothing to you?

  7. HCF is H‑E‑B owned, but I’ve noticed significant quality differences

  8. The brand really doesn't matter, it just depends where the product is made. HEB tends to outsource their own brand to known companies with reputable track records. HCF is outsourced, but typically to generic food manufacturers.

  9. Privatized healthcare. I’m talking about privatized healthcare.

  10. Have you posted this just to set up your own response?

  11. You need to call Cigna and discuss which options you have in network, what is covered, etc.

  12. Not like HGH and steroids are. I've been on amphetamines (no ADHD), I didn't become a better athlete.

  13. You can build your own package but they will charge you for shipping. Usually between $1k-3k.

  14. You have no idea who I am or what I've been through. If people cant have a hard time in life and literally beg the deep void of the internet for help. I maybe toxic because I grew up in a toxic neglectful unloving family and I was a product of my environment. You feel better kicking someone while they are down?

  15. All these beer fests (and food fests) are low key scams. Not worth the money. Your entry gets you a small number of tastes, usually around 2 ounces each. Lines are long, the exciting stuff runs out quick, food is expensive, full beers are expensive. You're much better off just going to a brewery or Flying Saucer.

  16. You can check the florist/gift shop at the hospital where the person is having treatment. Also check online US florists such as 1-800-FLOWERS or FTD. Hope your friend is okay.

  17. You should know that FTD and 1800 use local florists and you can get better service, rates, and special requests just by calling them.

  18. all these "generational talents" are failing to complete 5 yard passes atm, they're as much to blame for how turd we look as the manager tbf

  19. Imagine if, half way through the minutes silence, there was a GONG and she emerged from the tunnel like The Undertaker

  20. The problem with bat colonies is that bat guano has intense concentrations of ammonia that will make people sick. Also, bats are a protected species so extermination is not an option.

  21. That's not exactly true. That may be the case for wild bat colonies but there is an exception for bats that live in or on a building occupied by people.

  22. I can confirm my policy is one year. They were super serious about it and gave me an email containing loads of ways to get help if needed including with my insurance company themselves all free of charge.

  23. Still spent a lot for a meaningless friendly in Europe. Average American wouldn’t be able to

  24. I dunno. I think that he's absolutely desperate to break Shearer's record so he'll take even a sliver of a chance of getting a goal.

  25. He'd score wayyyyyy more by being an outlet for a cross/pass or getting a Son rebound.

  26. And in both cases the coach should be telling them no, let the better player take the free kick.

  27. Especially considering he would score more with Son going for goal on a rebound or crossing a banger in. He's scored exactly zero by doing whatever he is doing. I dunno man. Supposedly he nails them in training.

  28. If their alternator is shot that won’t help them much.

  29. Can't speak to the specifics of their current car troubles but they made it seem like they could get their car home if they had a charge.

  30. I mean, obviously you're behind the eight ball here but they are such a lifesaver. Good luck!

  31. 2nd one was more aesthetically pleasing but the 1st one was a banging goal from a difficult angle. Not sure which to vote for so I'll probably end up following the crowd here.

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