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  1. I'm curious about the the discolored white square on the back wall. Looks like it could be an opening to another room, if chiseled out. Has this ever been investigated?

  2. You are correct. That discoloured square is the entrance into the burial chamber. Pieces of limestone were place there then plastered over.

  3. wow! beautiful! I thought those two statues looked like guards of something important. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. It's not product knowledge. One is a '2 in 1' type laptop the other is a regular laptop. Never used a 2 in 1 before (where the keyboard folds under)

  5. I have, but never used the fold-under effect. Touch screen I liked, but still wanted the keyboard available to me, if that helps.

  6. Dangerous to whom? text book publishers? Ever since the discovery of Göbekli Tepe, it has been clear that the dominant paradigm knows just a sliver of our past. I am sure this is not the last discovery that will shock the academics and rewrite history.

  7. Whenever I have a trade in, I make sure it gets scanned in at the post office and I receive a receipt. That way it updates as received. I have two trade-ins that I need to send back to Google once I get the trade in boxes. I will do the same. Never rely on just leaving it there without a receipt.

  8. Well, hindsight is 20/20. That is exactly what I should have done. I trusted the system and it fell down. In rural Hawaii, lots use a service like Mailboxes etc, and I just handed it to the clerk, she gave it to the carrier, now no one knows where it is. Ouch.

  9. Thanks. It is saying USPS never picked it up. The search goes on.

  10. Hey, I’ve been a slave to Hawaiian Tel rural crappy DSL for 18 years, and just got my starlink antenna … , so glad we finally have another choice

  11. Wow, I didn't even know they still offered DSL! I suffered with that for years. My daughter has starlink in Michigan, loves it. Pretty pricey tho, right?

  12. That should do just fine. If you have other networking set up questions,

  13. Thanks again, I will probably need that, figuring out how to hook it up.

  14. She does have that Boebert look of privilege and stupidity in her eyes.

  15. The male cop decided he was resisting arrest when he was asked for his badge number, wtf???

  16. have the engravings been painted white to make them stand out? Older pics, they don't seem to stand out so brightly.

  17. I went to Honda, they were overpriced. Went to Toyota, the sales manager was rude. Went down the road to Kia, they bent over backwards to meet my needs, were very friendly, and I got the most bang for the buck. Went back for my next new car. Very happy.

  18. Yes, a clean install is one of the ways to fix a corrupted boot file provided there are no underlying issues with the hard drive.

  19. Thanks, trying restore now, will let u know

  20. hey Chidum, I so appreciate your help. Looks like the clean install took care of of it, at least for the last few restarts!

  21. I used Fi for several months, but left for Verizon after trips to Colorado and Hawaii in short succession... mostly because the reception in Hawaii was relatively unusable (parts of Maui were okay, but most of the big island I was completely SOL). Just my experience in case it helps, given your use case.

  22. that does help alot, since I am on the big island, and in the boonies, their map says great coverage, but nothing beats a report of personal experience! thanks

  23. That makes sense, I was getting greedy, lol.

  24. none of the great Kirkland Signature's, like coffee, or vodka. Occasional Costco products show up, but not enough to make it worth it, so I make the run to Kona every 6 weeks or so, and keep hoping for a Hilo Costco. Probably won't happen tho. Political power is in Kona, and their stance is if we 'ok' a Hilo store, our economy will suffer because Hilo folk won't be coming over here in more. What about Hilo's economy???

  25. ....but I hear she wanted 3 husbands! she and greg abbott, what a pair of little piss babies!

  26. I bought the Sterns and Foster with the Kirkland logo about 6 months ago. So far I love it, but a real mattress review should be done after a couple of years of use, see how it holds up.

  27. Dam, she's a sweetie, but maybe the tenth time today, and the 782,012 time all together I seen this pose on reddit.

  28. Well, if they created religion so we wouldn't destroy ourselves, don't think it is working out that well. Most tyrants use religious ideology to inspire the true believers to march into battle, believing they are the "true religion".

  29. hmmm, I have a 5a, just a few months old, but it keeps turning down my ring volume on its own. Looking for a fix too. Volume Lock has ads, which I would prefer to avoid.

  30. Can I ask, is there a benefit to Nvidia shield over Samsung built in streaming, and if so what? I kinda hate the Tizen OS, but also have gotten used to it.

  31. I don't get it, half way down comments I find he was taking into custody, but not charged??? Can't show the face of a meth head that is on camera doing his crime? What am I missing?

  32. Great collection, even tho it made me wanna throw up!

  33. 0ften a miss, especially in Puna. I got lucky with fiber optic

  34. Lol.. if it isn't obviously natraj then which one did you think it was??

  35. I saw a beautiful divine couple, my mind went to them. I have collected Asian art for 50 years, because it opens my heart to the Devine. I am certainly not an expert, didn't mean to portray my self as such. But you are kidding yourself if you think. your responses and downvotes had no negativity or ego involved. Really, I would like your real opinion, not this pettiness.

  36. i feel sorry for u, full of so much negativity, turned u into a deletant and a real asshole

  37. didn't Carmen Boulter release this a few years back, claim it to be the tomb of Akhenaten or Nefertiti found in Turkey or something?

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