1. Anyone know what the deal is with his new fashion brand talentless?

  2. I thought posting the children on here was a Nono bc they can’t consent yet?

  3. It’s literally on her Instagram with hundreds of millions of followers

  4. Age 17+ when she’s barely 17…

  5. She actually won’t turn 17 until December which is funny

  6. Lol so why is she having a party July or August?

  7. I think because her birthday is on Christmas so some people with that birthday celebrate it at a different time

  8. Lol I think it’s just 818 promo this time but she was getting wild with the thirst traps last time there were break up rumors 🌚

  9. Where is Tolly?!? LOL. Who is madame90s?!?

  10. Every recent pic I’ve seen of him he’s had a cigarette in his hand. Has he always been a chain smoker? Or is he smoking more now after the breakup? I wouldn’t think Kim would be down with that smell tbh

  11. He’s always been a smoker, he was even photographed buying cigarettes while he was driving Kim’s rolls royce lol

  12. Is converting yourself into a bratz doll a trend these days?

  13. She would actually fit right in with fashion Nova models I’m shocked she didn’t lol

  14. She probably thinks she’s above it since her bio is “not a fit tea pusher” lmao

  15. Creator of girls gone wild and close with the Kardashians since waaaay back. Even introduced Scott and kourtney and the sisters did a photoshoot at his house in Mexico when he was in prison in like the first season

  16. Everything about this man is so skeevy and creepy

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