1. In what song do you find the reference to 3somes?

  2. I feel like their PR had this planned, her and khloes verbiage is…unlike them

  3. Most news agencies and channels already have had their plans and announcements for her passing(and for other very important people) in place for decades including contingency plans, maybe PR firms have something similar on file ready to go

  4. It’s killing me that I’m getting off my ass and working during this today💀💀

  5. This LinkedIn profile belongs to someone who’s from Houston and has been working since like 2005, it’s not flakko lol

  6. Anyone know what the deal is with his new fashion brand talentless?

  7. I thought posting the children on here was a Nono bc they can’t consent yet?

  8. It’s literally on her Instagram with hundreds of millions of followers

  9. Age 17+ when she’s barely 17…

  10. She actually won’t turn 17 until December which is funny

  11. Lol so why is she having a party July or August?

  12. I think because her birthday is on Christmas so some people with that birthday celebrate it at a different time

  13. I wish I hadn’t gone back to see it 🤢

  14. Lol I think it’s just 818 promo this time but she was getting wild with the thirst traps last time there were break up rumors 🌚

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