1. My honest opinion that someone's life must be pretty sad if they can't think of anything outside of work that they'd find enjoyment and fulfillment from.

  2. It's not that. I'll work at a capacity till the day I die. As I get older, I'll be doing more manual labor. I don't need to at all, I enjoy it. It's very satisfying seeing someone enjoy something you did.

  3. Threw paper towels at people makes it sounds malicious. He tossed towels into a crowd after a Hurricane. I've been through several hurricanes, why Democrats got the underware in a knot over that I will never understand. That's just people looking for any reason to get mad over and happened to pick the dumbest and most inconsequential reason that doesn't even make sense.

  4. It's the fact he's saying everything is good. Only 17 people died where Katrina killed over a thousand. Maria will kill more than Katrina eventually. Over 90% of the island has no power. Most people can't get ahold of thier loved ones.

  5. The Democratic side is the reason PR has no power. It was democrats who were in charge of the island and it was democrats who were in charge of distributing aid and rebuilding the infrastructure. It was democrats who let the supplies rot and it was democrats who stole the money. The same thing happened after and during Katrina under New Orleans Democrat government.

  6. OK, even if thay is true, is what I said untrue? Unless you are addressing the conversation, I well not even address what you said because it's just a distraction.

  7. Not a big fan of fiction books, but The Great Gatsby is sooo good. I read more nonfiction and have to say Boyhood and Beyond is really good for younger dudes out there.

  8. Classic for sure. What connected yoi to the book the most?

  9. As another lefty expecting conservatives to parrot everything that comes out of Candace Owens mouth is far from reality.

  10. Does anyone really listen to Candice Owen's outside people who want to say Republicans are not racist because they listen to Candice Owen's? Asking for a friend of course.

  11. Candace Owens is basically a white supremacist anyway lol. She frequently parrots white supremacist talking points and even defended slavery recently. She just exists to grift and be the person who helps Republicans pretend that black people support their causes.

  12. The thing I dis like most about her, that Ben dude, Wolf Blitzer and so on is that they are commentators and people take them as reporters.

  13. Nah,their shit is the weirdest. I know here in the Balkans we all claim each other's peoples and lands and etc.. but these mfkers are on another level.

  14. There was this weird splitting of a group of people in half which really don't super identify with either country thing going on.

  15. Top 3 offense in the NFL this year and 1-3. There is not a lot of talent on the D, but there is more then being the worst D in the league.

  16. I have a new grandson. My first and he's 13 weeks old and the absolute love of my life. I've had chronic pain since 2008. My daughter in law went back to work last week and she has planned all along to take him to work with her. I've tried to tell her how hard it is but she didn't listen and has no back up plan. I sat at her office in an uncomfortable straight back chair with no way to elevate my feet, trying to help her with a teething baby. 4 hours Monday, Tuesday I hurt too bad, Wednesday for 5 hours, Thursday for 7.5 hrs (plus took my elderly mom to a doctor's appt at 730 am). Friday I was done in. I know she's mad at me for not helping Friday but what the fuck does she expect? I could barely walk out of her office on Thursday. If I could sit in an office chair. I would be WORKING!

  17. That sucks. I'm very sorry about your situation. Family is tough. Have you let her know you can't?

  18. I've got some RSO, but I gotta dig it out from wherever I stashed it. A heating pad ended up helping eventually, was able to snag a little extra sleep, but once my brain wakes up enough to remember BET I'm gonna take some.

  19. I only had I vile of my meds. It's my wife's birthday so I've been saving it till it matters. Just took the shot, my legs on fire. I feel like throwing up. The finger I cut off is throbbing a bit. I can't see well. My head is on fire. My eye is exploding. My left side is burning period. Whole body. But in a hour I may just be stoned.

  20. I am referring to the fact that our government isn't supposed to be controlled by parties.

  21. At least 1 more the time after next, and the time after that, and the time after that, and the......

  22. I think what I mean is the closest option to what OP requested is also ridiculous

  23. You don't know thier situation. Maybe it's a disability.

  24. In which case it’s Howard County that is being ridiculous :/

  25. Just as my response states. I'd want to understand why they feel that way. A lot of this stuff is just not normal. This country is in a lot of pain for many reasons.

  26. There is definitely thay element. But reading through this post, and some post I made on the Lib side, I think there is some hope. This is mainly rational and civil.

  27. Quite a bit of damage actually. Espionage isn't always just infiltrating government and military contractors at a physical location and stealing documents. Even a tiny sliver of information can go a long way, something as simple as someone making dead drops, watching ship movements, chatting up someone at a bar who has a sliver of information about something important. Loose lips sink ships and even those with security clearances can have loose lips.

  28. Damn good to know I'm not alone here my tummy just feels so empty no matter what I throw into it or do.

  29. Thanks for being so civil. This discourse is sorely missing in our society.

  30. I try. Some say I don't try hard enough and maybe they are right But I agree again.

  31. All you can do is give it your best. If you can say you did that, you did enough. Now to go pester conservatives about the fuck Biden flag i saw on my bike ride today.

  32. I definitely saw immigrants going to the military sites in memes be fore the news. I think the volume seemed to end up 50/50 as well.

  33. I have never seen a meme that later became news it was always the other way around

  34. I definitely have seen memes where it wasn't quite news yet but as more memes come, the news reports on it more and more.

  35. Nice. I love mojitos and Cuban women and pitbull and salsa. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

  36. Oh damn, I forgot about the coffee. I do love Cuban sandwiches too

  37. I really don't mean this bad, but it seems like you're drunk or something in your reply?

  38. I mean you can take the last 8 games of the last season. And Stafford has multiple games where he threw multiple Int, and Goff has thrown 4 since last season. He has like a 17 TD to 3 Int. 23 to 18 Int for Stafford.

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