1. I love small shit like this, attention to detail. so damn hot.

  2. I’m about to be 35 and I find tracks all the time that blow me away and make me dance and cry. I expose myself to new music every week through a two hour podcast I listen to while I work out at the gym. I usually find several songs that I then add to a SoundCloud playlist to listen to later. I’ve been doing this for the past ten years and get something like 20-30 killer tracks each year added to my playlist. I don’t listen to it all the time and never is it played on the radio where I live, so the songs are all still relatively fresh and inspire a strong emotional response that makes me so happy, even years later. I just was thinking about how cool it was the other day while mountain biking. So if I was you, try to find a weekly or even monthly podcast that plays music you like so you can find new, fresh songs! Even a genre like classic rock, that I listened to for the past 30 years, can offer plenty of new songs I have never heard if I do a little searching on YouTube. I hope you can reignite your love for music and find great enjoyment in it once more!

  3. Wonderful recommendation thank you

  4. Part of this is likely due to age and the hormone/brain chemistry changes that comes with it. As adolescents we often experience more emotional intensity. It’s why teens are so dramatic and everything is either the best thing ever, or the end of the world. As we get older the emotional roller coaster tends to average out and our brain chemistry changes. Another thing to consider is mental health. You don’t have to say how you are feeling here obviously, but in my experience if I’m depressed or burnt out the emotions I do have are muted and I don’t find things as enjoyable. The last idea I have is as adults we often lose our sense of novelty. We become a little jaded or try to look too far into what purpose things could serve instead of just enjoying them for existing without any strings attached. This isn’t necessarily a conscious decision, but can dull our worldview anyways. All of these of course are just my own personal theories and should be taken with a grain of salt 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I wish I could experience that! You’re blessed

  6. I’m waiting to feel this!!!! When does it kick in.

  7. Let’s suppose you found a tech company. After a lot of hard work, your company goes public with a valuation of $1 Billion and you own 20%. You suddenly own $200 million worth of stock, and you pay taxes on it, leaving you with ~$150 million.

  8. Thanks for the explanation. My question is, how do they actually PAY all this money being borrowed if they don’t liquidate their money?

  9. For me I had a recent streak where I was going to a convention each day thurs-monday and coming home at night. When I'd get home I would edge(wo porn), do a lot of breathwork and circulate energy and then goto bed and do it again in the morning before going back to the con. My energy throughout the event was huge. Tons of confidence, charisma, made a lot of friends and had zero social anxiety what so ever. This was about 4 weeks into retaining.

  10. I appreciate your response. Message heard.

  11. How long have you been doing semen retention. for? I was edging at the beginning of my streak but over time it just felt wrong. It’s kind of like eating dog shit for me now. Like I can do it… but why would I?

  12. Yup, around the month mark myself and my mindset is changing

  13. Bonus - what kind of bottoms do you think would fit nicely with the outfit in the middle? Baggy jeans?

  14. Yes I take zinc, magnesium citrate/glycenate,cod liver oil, vitamin d3, vitamin B complex, choline, multivitamin,

  15. Do these supplements mess with your digestion at all?

  16. I love polls that make me think hard! I didn’t expect there to be such a clear winner here…

  17. With star wars and Harry Potter is it the whole franchise or just one film

  18. The franchise counts for all of these

  19. I knew TikTok would be the winner, Reddit is so predictable sometimes 😂

  20. Bro it's him again! He came at me as well. And I was being pretty civil. But he came against my posts talking trash.

  21. 27 days is great. Keep trying to get past that. Also look into yoga and breath work exercises to help with sexual frustration energy. Are you sleeping at least 8 hours a day and have a good diet? How much sugar and processed foods are you taking in?

  22. Thank you. I'm on my way to beating that soon but I don't feel so great. My sleep quality isn't good BECAUSE of retention. I'm up tossing and turning with a lot of pent up energy. I don't eat that much sugar or processed food.

  23. You’re calling me out, good intuition… I do have a unshakable addiction to scrolling on my phone all day. I’ve tried so many things to break it.

  24. Hmmmm… I said that because I’ve noticed that my phone addiction in the past made me realize things about these benefits and how dopamine works.

  25. Exactly!! I agree with the deleting apps method, you just refocus your attention to other apps. It’s so hard to break.

  26. For a lot of us our fetish started with family: parents, uncles, cousins, etc. Definitely normal.

  27. I have a closet. I hang as much as I can but I’m not sure how to organize t shirts, socks, underwear, etc

  28. There is a difference between being a good vocalist and a good singer, though they are definitely correlated. In my opinion, Beyoncé has better technique than Adele, so she's a better vocalist, but both are obviously skilled (both as vocalists and singers).

  29. Right, it’s basically indisputable that Beyoncé is the superior vocalist. However with Adele’s branding, it’s easy to glance over that unless doing a dive in Beyoncé’s catalog/performances.

  30. The symbol color for fire is red but fire burns orange

  31. You should edge and consciously pull the energy up the spine into your higher chakras using the inhale in the way up, combined with pulling up on the PC muscle.

  32. Thank you for this! Are there any example videos of the technique?

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