1. Reminder: Kataeb are a sectarian party that took part in massacres against other religious communities

  2. Reminder: can we get over it and work in the interest of the people now or we shall remain stuck on the past

  3. kataeb arent allies to ghosson, in this video they look more like backstabbers

  4. Bro honestly, u r gay, I don't mean it as an insult, I want to help u, embrace ur gay love and go for it

  5. No aounis are seriously saying it's the LF who voted for berri

  6. Buddy are you even Saudi? Have you visited the county in the last 10 years?

  7. Oh okay didn't know, thank u for taking ur time and answering me

  8. My guy I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us here aren’t under the delusion that big bad Cyprus is going to invade us lmao.

  9. No its the other way around, I think some ssnp dream of invading cyprus

  10. I meant the new 7 world’s wonders, not the ancient ones.

  11. Doesn’t count? It seems more legitimate than the ancient one who favored mostly Greek monuments. And most of them don’t exist today

  12. Some alawites refer to druze as “cousins”.the trinity part is different than u described.

  13. Interesting, i read about it long ago, I kinda forgot. Maybe one day I'll research again so I can impress people at a dinner and cause a rift between shiaa and alawaites

  14. I don,t know many shiaas I know few Ismailis but not twelvers.I think shiaas and alawites are close politically speaking especially ones in Lebanon.

  15. True, in lebanon they consider themselves the same, or shiaa consider alawis shiaas. A quick research can prove them wrong, however pro hezbos don't like to use facts

  16. I've also heard they have a very weird tradition, but better not to say it. 👀

  17. Teb bro bala habalak, u want to have easy sex go pay for prostitutes

  18. I cannot believe someone unironically called themselves the king of sex

  19. Haha what does it take according to u to be the king of sex?

  20. There is a Turkish guy who often comes here and post things like Lebanon is a lie and shouldn't exist, I hate this guy

  21. Glad you read the Quran. May Allah guide you. Since you don't believe the Qur'an are the words of God and you believe we were just created without a purpose and we're gonna die and turn to dust, sure. Do that I guess. Here is a video containing some scientific proofs and miracles that show the Qur'an is the truth. The Qur'an challenges the disbelievers to tell them to bring something like it or disprove it, so why don't you watch this and tell me what you think. (not all of it btw, just a couple of evidences)

  22. It's a 50 mins video, I won't watch it. I started by the first evidence, the darkness of the ocean... no need to be a prophet to come up with such a theory, the ocean is probably dark

  23. If only you knew. Have you ever even read the Quran?

  24. Of course i read it, in english, Arabic and French, and read hadith explaining the verses I didn't understand

  25. Well I was referring to mass shootings in schools quite honestly...

  26. Yesterday they attacked Islam (arabs?) by talking about the history of slavery in islam. I didn't check the stories

  27. Eh ok, and se2abit they saved assad from total collapse, this was not the objective at alll se2abit henne ra7o basss kermel isis no way kif kel shi zabat bel ekhir

  28. Well then send the mps u voted for to negotiate with kataeb and convince them otherwise

  29. بتاريخ ٢٤-٥-٢٠٢٢ حوالي الساعة ٦:٣٠ مساءً حصل اشكال بين تلامذة (سوريين) في مدرسة الاوقاف في المريجة فاستدعى احد طرفي الاشكال اشخاص من آل زعيتر حيث تطور الاشكال الى تضارب بالسكاكين وتزامن ذلك مع خروج المعلمة فاطمة الزين من المدرسة ففوجئت بما يجري وفقدت السيطرة على سيارتها ما ادى لصدمها شخص مع ولديه فتم نقلهم الى المستشفى وتبين انهم بصحة جيدة .

  30. Probabilite de succes: 0.55 (pr monter a echelon 2)*0.55 ( monter a echelon3) *0.55 (monter de niveau) = 16 % de chance pr monter de niveau

  31. Ok donc tu as calculé une probabilité de gagner à chaque partie, mais en fait en ayant un % de victoires au dessus de 50% ( ce qui est le cas ici), la probabilité de gagner le jeu ( de finir le dernier niveau) est de 100% si on fait un nombre de parties suffisantes.

  32. Au fait ce que j'ai calculé par megarde c la probabilite de gagner a ce jeu sans perdre une partie. Et donce de gagner a chaque tour, et avoir le nombre minimal necessaries pr gagner

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