This man noticed something stuck in the mud before driving over it

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  1. I personally say it since it feels real and genuine to me because I truly do care, as opposed to saying a sentence that means nothing to me.

  2. lol.. so many WTF's here.. if i undressed a chick and it said "slut" on her tits area.. i think i would back away, get dressed and leave.. not catching some STD over this.. good grief.

  3. Lol it is exactly her point. She wants to repel guys like u who judge

  4. she's taking 'power' over something the way a 14 years old would. she's 'badass' for her years, not for an adult. this tattoo will age badly and will be a constant reminder of the SA, but good for her for being a 'badass' and 'taking power'. good job.

  5. I’m not saying it’s only a Muslim cause though. And with some causes; some groups of people are willing to fight for them than others. For example, Arabs in multiple wars have died going to war for the Palestinians (and the majority of them were Muslim, who saw it as a Muslim cause, fighting for Gods sake) and I doubt you’d have many humanitarian protestors willing to die in war for Palestine.

  6. But... u would have maaaany Christians Europeans willing to protest against Israel and not necessarily fight and die, but they could for exemple boycott.. (like how the world eventually boycotted sa)

  7. Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah aren’t really representatives for the absolute vast majority of Muslims. They’re like a fraction of a fraction of Muslims.

  8. Of course I agree! I have no doubt that hezbollah and qaeda don't represent Muslims, i am saying they r an islamist group and that's different

  9. As someone who is obsessed with otters... They have the right idea. Wild otters are not cute YouTube or twitch stream otters. They are genuinely dangerous, and people are horribly hurt by them. I admit, going into the water was probably not smart. But Id probably do anything to keep some resemblance of distance between me and said otter.

  10. U don't need to outrun the otter. U only need to outrun one of ur friends

  11. No one really appreciates what an adorable english accent we have as lebanese.

  12. I wouldn't have been interested. Wrong gender hahaha.

  13. Hahaha too bad. What other use for a cute accent is there?

  14. Paul najjar is her father. He is a strong activist fighting to maintain the investigation

  15. My man u still blv this shit? Grow up Its riyad sallameh, berri and ja3ja3 the one u want to revolt on Delusional

  16. Ah riyad salame placed the nitrate? 0 critical thinking I c. What mental gymnastic did u use to come to that brilliant conclusion?

  17. No one is stronger than the russian and US military lol. And no one in afghanistan wants another 20 years of war

  18. Ok so give ur country to taliban. But don't say u aren't hostage

  19. Well u make it seem like a wise decision. It's u who gave up

  20. we had a civilization for 7 thousand years and it had to be the 80 years that I’ll live in where everything is shit not just in my country but the ones around it

  21. If u bring an international cheques, banks will suck ur dick

  22. Many Christian Lebanese have arab names like sami, samir, jad, karim, jihad, samer....

  23. U took the moon? C'mon leave it in it's natural habitat

  24. Druze from what I c, tend to adapt to the environment they r living in and u can expect a typical memorial to the ones u r used to.

  25. Turnover means sales. U buy, u sell, then u buy again, u sell again, then again.. that's called the turn over. U r emptying and refilling ur stock.

  26. Sadly, critical people with critical thinking against hezeb were killed. Fornexemple, loqmam slim, gebran tueini...

  27. It is written in the books. The 21th century will be the century of the Turks. Do you remember the world cup final how you intrinsically knew that Messi and Argentina will win? You know it was written in the books that Messi will win. It’s the same for Turkey. It is just written in the books and there is nothing what you can do.

  28. At the same time, anti imperialistic movements, from iran to Russia to extreme right Europe to Assad, claim they are against Israel occupying Palestine, yet are totally okay with Russia attacking Ukraine

  29. The West is cool w Azov Battalion but considers children to be a danger to Israel’s national security

  30. Anti imperilastics are against Israel occupying Palestine and totally fine with Russia attacking ukraine

  31. I think we're the only geographic region with this feature that's an independent country. But this slogan didn't test well with focus groups.

  32. U can go from Nice, France, in the mideterranean, to isola 2000, a ski station in thr alps, in 1 hr. Check it. I

  33. Facts. Ironically enough, I don’t know anyone abroad or traveling lmao

  34. Eventually, someone will! I hid few hundred dollars the aerraf wanted an extra cut. Eventually I had to go to turkey. I took all my unattractive dollars and exchanges them there. No question asked!

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