One Piece: Chapter 1056

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  1. akainu wouldve probably been dead at marineford because unlike sengoku, he wouldnt have agreed to end the war and wouldve got merked by shanks and his crew.

  2. Yes because 5 admirals are going to be destroyed by a single yonko and their crew 🗿

  3. i said akainu, not all the admirals. akainu was right there ready to fight shanks but didnt because sengoku said the war was over, if akainu had his way i think hed have gone for shanks right there and that wouldve ended with his name being put in the obituaries.

  4. Why wouldn’t the other admirals be included in the bout? Seeing as the RHP were the biggest threat there after WB’s death, it wouldn’t take much of anything to clear the playing field and team up with Akainu

  5. Idk what these people on here are talking about. That scene went super hard and I for one found the whole sequence and gramp’s speech hella motivating

  6. Loved seeing Hyogoro again, and it re-confirmed just how important he was for Luffy’s growth

  7. LMAO WTF 💀💀 put this in the meme subreddit

  8. Everyone is talking as if the crew is going to “fight” luffy. Realistically they would trick/trap him because he’s an idiot. Sure pure power wise he’s a beast but it’s not impossible to get sea prism stone or something like that and nullify G5 and then he’s done for.

  9. If Luffy wins round 1, then he wins 2 and 3 as well. Round 1 contains all the actual heavy hitters.

  10. Round 2 and 3 is just FAR too many people, let alone the commander-ranked opponents within said group. Luffy’s goated, but he’s not beating that.

  11. I hate how so many people use the name Green Bull. It's absolutely ridiculous that it gets used by such a large portion instead of Ryokugyu. The other Admirals don't get called by their translated names. Only Ryokugyu. The name Green Bull has never even been used in any official or fan translations of the manga. There is no good reasoning for using it. People will use the excuse that Ryokugyu is too hard to write/say but still go ahead and use Nekomamushi, Inuaraushi, and Shishibukai which are all much harder than Ryokugyu.

  12. I read a comment stating it’s simply because most people have a hard time pronouncing Ryokyugu (I think I spelt it right), so seeing as Green Bull is his epithet, and easier to say/type, makes sense they’d stick with it.

  13. Post Time Skip hate is very forced, it just made the entire story better overall so far

  14. How many NSFW drawings of Nami and Robin do you think he’s made and nutted to?

  15. That would mean the capes of the three captains all matched their hair color. Dope 🔥

  16. I'm actually surprised how many Carrot copium posts that have been popping up since. She was an alright character, imo. Didn't know she had so many fans til now.

  17. If Shanks is stronger than Mihawk, as he has been portrayed to be, will Zoro have to beat Shanks? Now that we know from Red tgat Shanks really is a swordsman, it wouldn't seem right if Zoro beat Mihawk and there was still a stronger swordsman out there. (I get that using a sword doesn't make you a swordsman, like BM and WB, bug that's not the case with Shanks, who exclusively uses a sword and is skilled enough with it to duel Mihawk)

  18. I didn’t finish reading your comment but you should seriously spoil tag it. Not everyone got the chance to watch it just yet.

  19. What’s up with everyone expecting a backstory ASAP? We didn’t get Law’s until much later and Kid is just now becoming a crucial part of the story, so just wait.

  20. You are arguing something that has nothing to do with my video. You missed every single point.

  21. I’m literally responding to your so-called “brief summary”.

  22. Beating someone and being stronger than someone isn’t always the same thing.

  23. Your logic in the last paragraph doesn’t make sense. WB didn’t win anything in that war, and Akainu was the one who solidified his death.

  24. What? Akainu got hit twice the entire war on panel not counting Vista and Marco combined attack. There’s literal a panel stating the damage WB endured. Hundreds of bullets, stabs and cannon balls yet it was Blackbeard and his entire crew that finished him off. Akainu inflicted damage on him but so did many other ppl which is why I don’t see Akainu getting the sole victory but instead the lost because Akainu in two hits WB placed them on equal footing.

  25. WB’s two hits on Akainu did nothing major, the one which split the island entirely in half only gave Akainu a bloodied face at MOST. Sakazuki literally took off a third of WB’s face with a single blow and blew up magma in his abdomen. The damage taken between the two isn’t even near-equal, and while WB was absolutely tanking attacks from fodder, it was Sakazuki who actually solidified his death. It’s why he didn’t continue pursuing him after WB sent him in the crater.

  26. Damn bro looking back you’re totally right. And for everyone tryna shun you by saying “Big Mom and Kaido clash wasn’t ACoC”, the ONLY known way to split the sky IS when both parties clash with ACoC. Also, it’s clear as day Roger used CoC on Oden when swinging his blade.

  27. Huh? Even if the color really is gold, ACoC is still drawn more cleaner in the manga. How is Oda to blame when the anime has auras that drown the fight scene while the manga does not. I mean even if CoC swing that Roger used on Oden was gold in the anime, there wouldn't be much issue if the shot is still clean.

  28. For one, I don’t blame Oda for anything. I enjoyed the anime’s depiction of ACoC this episode, even if there were a FEW spots that had too much lighting. But overall it’s clear Oda has made the color of ACoC yellow.

  29. Since when are memes allowed on this sub? When i posted a meme once it got removed.

  30. It’s stated he didn’t lose any fighting power from his sickness

  31. Imo, while this scene is crazy af and a major highlight of OP, you can’t really compare the animation efforts of something that happened so long ago to now. I believe the CoC coating scene in the anime to be extravagant, and I got even more hyped there then when Luffy punched Charlos

  32. Thought i was the only one who considered that panel 🔥

  33. It definitely isn’t to stay and rule a country against her will

  34. Against her will? You make it sound like she’s repulsed by the idea of ruling, but she only feels like she’s not worthy simply because she’s not the strongest. But with her adventures alongside the SH’s she’s the only other person capable of doing the deed. I’m sure it’s an honor amongst their people.

  35. I’m a happy man now, but let’s see… Sanji with Ifrit would be my next pick

  36. Tbh it’s a fair point, he’s an even bigger idiot than Luffy, he’s just even more incredibly lucky is all.

  37. I’m not reading all that but I’ve been saying this for the last year, & a half, & have been reading for 21 years. I’m pretty sure anyone can see a clear quality drop in his writing.

  38. If you’re not gonna read my comment, then why do you expect the same of me? Have a good day.

  39. Dope setup 💯 might have to check it out sometime

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