Welcome to the first eBay Collectibles AMA! This is Bob Means and Rick Ung from eBay, and we want to talk about the future of The Hobby and all things collectibles. We’ll be here answering your questions on Thursday, 10/6 at 11am ET. Ask us anything!

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That looks so good

  1. Everyone gets a free Lushen! Oh, wait - his name is Lucien. Is he any good?

  2. I actually think this is what got me hooked. Those HoH weekends were truly special events and I would block off doing anything else. Just like FRR before I got enough mana not to worry about it.

  3. I am so disappointed that natural stars are not consistent between Sky Arena, Lost Centuria, and Chronicles. I just got a 5-star undine. :-/

  4. Why is Elizabeth being dragged into this Nik/Esme storyline now? Pretty soon I'm gonna need a program to keep things straight so I can follow this show!!

  5. When Ava was attacked at the Q's and Elizabeth had a black out, what happened that resulted in her head injury? Maybe it has something to do with that.

  6. So Esme took the launch back from Spoon island to the docks?

  7. No, I think it's pretty clear that Esme knows another way off the island.

  8. Drew’s story is very confusing and full of retcons. Originally Robin rescued him (when she thought he was Jason) from the Crichton-Clark Clinic and Ava ran over his face. At the hospital, Liz names him Jake Doe and he has a face surgery as his face was badly damaged by the accident. It’s revealed Helena had a microchip implanted in Jake’s brain to make him her soldier when she said the phrase "You’re active." He later had surgery to have the microchip removed. It is hinted Jake is really Jason and he “finds out” over a year later. He lives as Jason for over a year until the real Jason comes back from Russia and he is revealed to be his identical twin Drew Cain who was mind mapped with Jason’s memories from 1996-2012. Since Jason had a car accident with AJ in 1996, he (and Drew) do not remember before that year.

  9. I love how "Ava ran over his face" didn't even make me pause when reading it.

  10. Only if Trina has schizophrenia and is the hooker and Reiko shot Lucy because she's working with Victor and is also Austin's benefactor and they're ALL working together for world domination could all this be tied together.

  11. A rich and diverse supporting cast, such that the main character remains stable and behaves reliably over time.

  12. WTF is Quasar? All things Mark Gruenwald are missing.

  13. Here's where my brain is at... I think it was Liesel who shot "at" Lucy. The reaction from Lucy suggests neither Anna nor Victor nor Scott. I think Liesel may have been who Anna called earlier, not Robert. I also think the last scene was Holly, not Lucy, and that something transpired that spurred her escape. Victor thinks he has won, but is about to discover that something went wrong. What I do not know is what Johan was looking for, or why the deputy Mayor hasn't been seen since the reveal. You would think there would have been fallout.

  14. From "Like the back of my hand" to "Ooh what's that?"

  15. I really wish we could put labels instead of 1, 2, etc

  16. Carly Benson? Carly Spencer? It isn't like Carly is short of last names to use.

  17. Caroline Durant would be an odd twist. I'll start calling her CC (Carly Cain) for now but we all know she'll make Drew change his last name first...

  18. Rick, does eBay use formal sprints to manage development activities and what are some examples of epics or features that product managers are responsible for delivering?

  19. I will finish the episode tonight, but maybe it's to introduce the other person in the car that survived the accident from her youth that ironically she is blamed for while she had no hand in it actually happening.

  20. Or Drew's "He died, right?" is foreshadowing that Mr. Roberts will return soon.

  21. Yeah, there's definitely 2. The killer didn't look female when Brando got attacked, but was very clearly female when Diane got attacked

  22. They also would have to be working together, since the poison was the same.

  23. Spinelli is going to be able to take down Victor with his app.

  24. Far more likely Victor forces Spinelli to do something involving the technology to accomplish some evil plot. Lucy and Maxi work together, eh?

  25. I saw this too! Assumed it was a "season 60" update of some sort. Franco had so much long-term potential. :-(

  26. Jake, after learning all the family history about to be revealed from Jeff via internet chats at the library, is triggered by Victor's mind control (learned from Helena) to commit murders and control the weather so that Jason will be forced to return and explain to Sonny and Carly why they should be together?

  27. Not sure why he's recruiting Lucy to be an agent of chaos. She's a little looney not evil.

  28. Agree. Glad to have Lucy in an active storyline but the approach is weird. Would much rather Anna had recruited Olivia to get info from Victor by having her mimic Fran Drescher.

  29. Ok, I got my government name from this soap. I SOMETIMES watched this soap when I was a teenager. The Sasha/Brando flashbacks got me. She’s a gorgeous woman, btw. (My man from One Life To Live tho! 🥹)

  30. Oh, you are named after someone on the show. That's cool. My Mom used to watch, which is why I started watching. :-)

  31. That Kacey looks like a cross-eyed Elucia.

  32. Is everyone just overlooking how cold that line was? “I want to know how many orphans it will make” like damn. The response is top tier too but damn that’s cold

  33. Well, Nanny did have a "partner in crime" literally named Orphan-Maker at some point.

  34. Does it change anything though if Crystal tried the door first? They still told the employees to keep it locked.

  35. Because it's "funny" to keep out Kathy but not as funny to keep out Crystal. Also sets up for Kath's meltdown later - another event on the pile.

  36. Perhaps HatDaddy stopped taking his crazy pills and has officially become "HookDaddy" 😂

  37. Or his granddaughter needs to start taking hers? Has all this been leading to Trina's break with reality?

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