1. Based on the tang stamp it was made from 1992-2005. Unless someone stuck those scales on later maybe that could help figure it out

  2. It would happen a lot less if you stopped putting stuff that doesn't belong in food in food.

  3. 100 years ago everyone had indoor woodburning stoves and worked in coal mines and factories without ppe. Oh and all gasoline had lead in it. It was a toxic nightmare

  4. It would take 10 years, a bankruptcy, and the guns would be 1000 dollars more than you wanted to charge for them

  5. Yea its authetic vehicle springs and stainless butter knives folded together.

  6. When I was a kid, Nacho Cheese Doritos would make me a little red in the face from being my upper limit of spiciness.

  7. I had a crazy experience at buffalos, I got chipotle bbq dry rub and a bunch of sauces to try. i shit you not, Chipotle bbq dry rub dipped in mango habanero has zero spice. Mango habanero on its own is very spicy, chipotle bbq has some spice, but one dipped in the other was as mild as ketchup. And my girlfriend said the same thing when she tried it.

  8. this happened years ago but we were in our early 30s. i had all my knives out the other day and it made me angry again.

  9. You can buy new scales for less than 20 dollars. You may be able to find a whole 91mm model for less than that, pop the scales off and replace yours

  10. Have you ever checked out planetbox lunch trays? They are stainless steel and have a folding lid.

  11. The best thing you can do is make it appear your car has jack shit in it, nothing visible but napkins, an air freshener, maybe a mcdonalds bag or a roll of paper towels. Anything else says “break into me” I keep a stainless mora companion and a gerber multi tool in my door pocket, a stanley fatmax fubar sledgehammer, a machete, and a bow saw, screwdriver set, a small cooler, a pair of flannel night pants, a white shirt, gloves, a beanie, a blanket. all in the trunk.

  12. i like that. i've got 2 i'm leaning toward but that might knock one off

  13. You can typically buy victorinox swiss army knives in bulk that are sold in TSA auction and then resold on ebay for pennies on the dollar. B2ritber on ebay sells a ton in lots of 3s and usually go no higher than 35 bucks for 3 knives at a time. Ive never bought a swiss army knife new for full price.

  14. Especially on the subsequent picture, you can see that. I thought m390 was particle steel, though?Shouldn’t it be uniform?

  15. Look at his most recent post with more pics, its even worse now

  16. Exactly what I mean … you can really see what looks like a core. Can particle steel be forged after the fact?

  17. No clue, I just know thats fubar and even if warrant is voided hinderer should be interested in looking at it

  18. You can fit the bit kit in a chums surf wallet. With the divider and all

  19. I dont think so, she really doesnt do anything awful other than be pissed at blitz. Which she has every right to do. She doesnt even really show any ill will to the rest of IMP. They jump moxx yes but all they do is kiss and tease him

  20. I wonder if you could fit an extra bit in the extra space above the bit driver.

  21. You can actually fit two in that gap, and the magnet for the tools retains them, kinda. They would fall out instantly if you dropped it, if you added your own magnets maybe you could hold one reliably.

  22. Or 3d print something? Like a little box that would press fit inside the gap?

  23. You could 3d print an entire replacment for the plastic liner at that point, make it hold as many bits as you can fit

  24. seeing as that pattern welded straight blade is really the only option for a blade swap right now. how's it holding up. any comments on hardness, edge retention, etc?

  25. The straight blade from the Free T2 and T4 fits as well

  26. good to know. i've been looking on ebay for P4 blades.

  27. Yea they sell for more than the tool sometimes

  28. Voting should be the right of everyone who lives in a society. It's important to be able to help make choices for the future of your country.

  29. The NRA actually started out as a sport shooting and hunting type club.

  30. The NRA was founded to promote civilian marksmanship because of terrible performance of soldiers in the civil war. Learning to shoot when a war is going on is alot harder than knowing how to shoot from early childhood. It was always about preparing for war.

  31. If I had lambo money I would buy a porsche 911 Carerra and Guns.

  32. Boy that just sounds like a chemical to kill people

  33. Oh it absolutely will, its a awful for everyone and everything, thats why it works

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