1. Lol they didn’t rehearse the choreo beforehand?

  2. At least it wasn't before the proposal...THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARRASSING

  3. Would they have aired that if they broke up before the finale aired?

  4. So does that mean Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t released in Australia?

  5. Very excited for this as a Fantagio stan but once again I’m shocked that companies are still making group names with numbers that specify the amount of members

  6. Out of all the cast, it seems Whitney is gonna be the breakout star

  7. This is the most random cast I have ever seen in my life

  8. I mean someone had to have paid him to do this right?

  9. She wasn’t a guest, but there was that one time Mama Ru called in just to introduce herself to Naysha.

  10. Isn’t the q a club that was allegedly racist, sexist, & transphobic?

  11. Joanna Krupa could be single again soon ... because her husband wants to end their marriage.

  12. I really enjoyed what Loosey did, but if she wasn't going to be in the bottom, who would be?

  13. Wait that transition with mistress threw me off LMFAOO

  14. Am I the only one that didn’t like mistress’ mug for her teacher?

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