1. No but a lot of people called out the bs mandates for people who were already infected and could prove they had antibodies. It made absolutely no sense.

  2. The mandates were to protect other people from covid, notably those who are elderly, disabled, or immunocompromised, so they wouldn’t die, but also because everyone who gets it is still susceptible to organ and tissue damage from the virus, which obviously isn’t good whether you gain natural immunity or not, it could cause health complications sooner or later.

  3. Also, they pulled funding for the specific group that backed legislation that prescribed execution for homosexuals in Uganda. But notably, they have historically given them a substantial amount of money.

  4. Yup. Essentially, money people spent at Chick-Fil-A literally went directly to support killing gay and queer and trans people in Uganda. And people still have a hard time choosing not to eat there. Even some queer people.

  5. My dad AND my partner’s dad eat there almost every single morning 🫠 we know they love and support us but exasperated sigh

  6. Maybe you should try to make a little slideshow or prezi or pamphlet that gives them details on the organizations they gave money to and what those organizations did. For me I thought about how if I was simply born in Uganda instead, I could be dead because of it. Putting all the facts and emotions into perspective might help them change their tune. Because ultimately, whether they know it or not, they are funding the killing of other peoples’ queer children and other horrible bigotry against people just like their kids.

  7. Also, some bars don’t have doors on the stalls either. Or even the bathroom at all.

  8. I use lentils a lot - mostly red or brown. They go great in sauces. I do bolognese, ragu, cottage pie, daal, or added to a veg curry to thicken and add more “body”.

  9. When you use lentils with sauces, how do you cook the lentils? Do you cook them in a pot or cooker, or boil them first, or cook them in the sauce from the jump?

  10. So I’m confused. I keep seeing this game being posted about in this subreddit (

  11. I don't think they announced platforms, but they previously expressed regret over releasing Inquisition cross-gen. This will probably not be on PS4.

  12. “They carry weapons and it usually turns out just fine,” he said.

  13. Yeah, I've used genderqueer to describe myself for almost 20 years now. I'm not trans. I've never identified with that label (or any under it, including non-binary). Most of the genderqueer people I've met - including my elders who helped me through a lot shit - do not identify as trans and have no desire to medically transition. Most of us don't even believe in a cis-trans binary.

  14. I think it can depend on the individual. I do now identify as trans in addition to non-binary and genderqueer (and agender). Trans is the most recent addition, but I started identifying with it after many years of questioning if I was a trans girl and wanted to transition, but settling back into my non-binary/agender/genderqueer identity in the end, with no desire to transition as of now. I really feel so apart from my AGAB that I realized I do feel trans because of that, and others actually used the term about me before I used it for myself, still recognizing that I was non-binary.

  15. I'm not saying that genderqueer people cannot also be trans. I'm saying that genderqueer people don't have to be trans, and that this recent insistence that genderqueer = non-binary is erasing not only aspects of our history, but also the identity of non-trans genderqueer people. Sorry if this wasn't clear - this is an extremely personal topic for me (this misconception has been used to exclude me) and thus my wording may not have been clear.

  16. I don’t know if you interpreted that I was saying genderqueer = non-binary, but I wasn’t saying that at all. I just don’t think your statement that “most genderqueer people do not identify as trans and have no desire to medically transition” is necessarily correct. It could be, but I don’t think we can really know, as it varies a lot for each individual, and there are plenty of trans people who also identify as genderqueer.

  17. Huh? buy jeans for work? i have one pair of black work pants i bought and those are the only pants i will wear to work lol. i’m not paying for clothes to get ruined

  18. Huh? 🤦🏻‍♂️ either way you are buying pants. Once your pair of pants wear out, then you would be force to buy another pair of pants.

  19. I guess I just am misunderstanding you. I have one pair of black work pants that I wear for work as I didn’t have any black pants before, Walgreens doesn’t supply them, and I had to go buy them and am not wearing them outside of work. I’m saying the “you can wear jeans!” thing corporate is doing right now is stupid, because I had to buy a pair of pants specifically for work, why would I wear my personal clothes at work now, especially considering when I started I had to wear a personal shirt and it got ruined from bleach doing truck. I get your joke in the post

  20. and are they claiming the dairy in this is “upcycled” as well? or did they have no problem sourcing that fresh when there’s already an overabundance of it going to waste on the shelves?

  21. Literally, it’s kind of like free entertainment depending on how mad they are

  22. One time I couldn’t help but laugh at a lady who was being wild and she mocked my laugh back at me twice as loud 😂

  23. I thought Bethenny’s show on HBO Max was super interesting and honestly wanted a second season with a better group of competitors haha. But she was just looking for someone to run her company so obviously there was no second season.

  24. And the woman she picker doesn’t even work for her anymore (if she ever did)

  25. At least 3 of my coworkers are definitely sick currently. I am really hoping I don’t get sick too.

  26. I think it depends on the customer base you serve. Where I worked, it was truly awful, and customers were really the main problem, with management second which we all also complained about until she quit cause she was illegally skewing labor for better bonuses. Some of us had an extremely negative experience working at Starbucks. That’s some of the reason why so many are trying to unionize. Because we have no protections. If my customer base is going to threaten violence against our store for being closed when that’s not even our decision, then yeah I’m gonna make fun of them adding 20 extra pumps of syrup in their breve latte, or adding 7 pumps white mocha and whipped crème to a dragon drink, or asking for a java chip frappuccino unblended even after I describe what that would turn out like. Does that actually harm them at all? And I don’t mean normal drinks, just objectively ridiculous modifications like I mentioned.

  27. Relatable. No protections for it where I’m at unfortunately. But most of my coworkers forgo their lunch and/or breaks anyway. So I just have to deal with it I guess.

  28. Independent State Legislature Theory? Just sounds like a fancy way to say they desire the Confederacy 2.0

  29. This headline or title is absurd. We don’t even have equal rights yet.

  30. They’re not just going Christian nationalist, they’re being indoctrinated into Christian nationalism. Education bans and cuts, pushing for private and charter schools, laws against drag queens being in the presence of minors, along with the fact that parents are allowed to force their children into their religion and force them to live by that religion. Then you have children not being vaccinated or not given blood transfusions and such under the guise of “religious freedom” for the parents while the child suffers. Then there’s Facebook, Musk’s Twitter takeover, all these breeding grounds for this kind of ideology online that the government refuses to step in and do anything about.

  31. 100% same here. I overheard someone today ask my coworker for help because she couldn’t understand her phone wasn’t plugged in. I don’t understand how these people navigate their daily lives. Do they just have a lot of help?

  32. So the big-brained billionaires are basically going to tell us the answer to drought and rising sea levels is to desalinate water, further destroying the ocean and literally… draining it?

  33. So then what is his plan to initiate the fight for paid sick leave? Because beyond this instance of him shutting it down, he hasn’t done anything to work towards that goal at all. In fact, he just illegally shut down these workers’ right to collectively organize and bargain per the NLRA. Sure seems like he’s still against sick leave since he’s only taking actions against it and none at all for it. And this sets a precedent moving forward too.

  34. Signing it is Biden’s fault. Because again, he simply could’ve not done that. And it is effectively making their unions obsolete and is going directly against the law as stated in the NLRA. Biden signing this is literally ending legal protections for worker organizing and bargaining.

  35. On Netflix, "Maniac" with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone is an underrated TV miniseries that deals with mental illness. It's brilliantly portrayed.

  36. Maniac is so underrated. and it was a 1 season limited series, so no worries about it being suddenly canceled on a cliffhanger either, it’s a complete season.

  37. Wags made over a BILLION DOLLARS in profits last year. They could literally afford to pay us all double but hey…here’s $25!

  38. But hey, keep voting blue no matter who!

  39. I don’t vote blue no matter who, it is the only effective place to put my vote. I have some instances when voting locally where my only options are non-Democrats, but besides that voting for a Republican is against my well-being and voting for a third party candidate either divides the left votes or doesn’t add up enough to count. So when there’s another option let me know. Meanwhile I wish they’d just stop using the party system and start running on individual platforms and actions.

  40. He's the one who urged congress to make this happen.

  41. Doesn’t surprise me unfortunately. But this is clearly illegal according to the NLRA, is it not? I don’t understand how the government is allowed to decide these workers suddenly no longer get rights clearly outlined in the NLRA

  42. There's literally nothing left to do for the average person besides get your boosters, and live your life.

  43. Wearing a mask and social distancing is still necessary to reduce infection and spread of covid. That’s part of why people are still dying from it, because everyone stopped doing it because they’re vaccinated, even though the vaccines only protect against specific variants and only for a few months, meaning other variants can still be spread and after the vaccine efficacy wanes then any variant can be spread by someone who is vaccinated. There are not enough variants covered by the shots and they don’t come out routinely enough to provide adequate protection for a constantly-mutating killer virus in a 3 year pandemic. If we continue to drop protections amongst ourselves we very well could end up with longer or worse Covid infections. And this is already the largest mass disabling event in our history.

  44. All the mask wearing and social distancing in the world is not going to stop people from being exposed to COVID. It’s an inevitability at this point, even China with their 1984 can’t contain it.

  45. It helps prevent it. That’s what the scientific research says.

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