12 year old Palestinian girl holds her own while being beaten and choked by Israeli forces

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  1. Yes tolérance and removing visa restrictions for poor African countries is good don't worry wait until we have 2 millions immigrants it will be a good civil war

  2. Swear to god yall just can't talk about anything else

  3. Yeah true maybe because you forget you are running an apartheid state in fact the only Nazis state in the 21 century, you are much worst then the Nazis if the first concentration camp open by the Nazis in 1933 to 1945 each means 12 years crimes to Jews and other none German's you are running concentration camp for 75 years the amount of deaths and genocides and refugees that zionists Nazis created are worst then 7 times the German's did.

  4. In your dreams, Jews lived there pre 1948 until they were attacked by these Arab mobs.

  5. Are you dumb Arabs Jews not zionist ashkiNaZi and Omar ibn al khattab is the one who bring the Jews back after the European Christians purged them in Palestine.

  6. Let us back in, built your Shrine on top of our holliest site, then the next caliphates made the Jews convert or leave.

  7. Are your dumb the Arab DNA is the oldest found in the Palestine land way before the European ashkinazis.

  8. I wonder where these people are today and how they're doing.

  9. Well unfortunately Serbia 🇷🇸 is preparing for a new Sarajevo genocide and spreading hate against them and UN and EU are completely okay with it.

  10. This guy talks a lot about mosques. Then he fails to mention that non Muslims are not welcome in mosques in Morocco.

  11. Hahahah did you ever went to Hassna 2 mosque you will see dozens of tourists everyday had a tourists tour inside the mosque

  12. Recent ?????? that's was the situation from 10 years ago Hassan 2 mosque was always considered a tourist site from the bigging.

  13. Yes and she’s from the most Bedouin Qatari tribe al murra. I am from a Qatari tribe and many of us have Iranian family members or Egyptian or shami mothers.

  14. No she is not are qataris Bedouin she is Thai because we all have see in Qatar WC 2022 how the Qataris women are Conservatives and wearing islamic clothing. Not running wearing yoga pants and wearing tight t-shirt to show their boobs and bellys.

  15. Bro why are you mad lol, again she’s from Al murra, it’s literally in her name and she represents the Qatari national team and has appeared in Qatar sports channel and works with the royal family and other famous Qataris.

  16. Lol stop you are having a clear definition of Stockholm syndrome 🤣 where you want to be like the Western girls but in fact the Majority of the west hates Middle Easternes.

  17. Why I would ever do that mate I know that reddit can be full with toxic people especially this sub-reddit 😂

  18. The hypocrisy here is because he is white black people think this is funny and no harm but if he the black man was being mock and treated like that you will have crybabys all over this post. RACIST Blacks

  19. The amount of smooth brained people i see in this subreddit more and more is baffling and scary. Is this country filling up with these woke uneducated retards?

  20. Thanks for pointing that , talking to some people here is like talking to CNN reporter's they are brainwashed by the left liberal propaganda and even have white guilt like we are the one's that started the Atlantic slave trade 🤣

  21. Idk man, I'm an illegal immigrant and so are all my friends.

  22. You are completely missing my point, but it’s normal, you are on a holy war. Good for you that you’re not leaving ME, we need more like you 👍. I’m not praising anyone, I’m just not a hypocrite and accepting the reality of things because we too did horrible things when we were in position of power : wars, colonization, slavery etc. We colonized spain for more than 500 years and subsaharan african countries like mali, senegal, soudan and else. Actually the arab muslim slave trade lasted longer and was more violent than the western one. We where actually the ones selling them slaves to grow their empire. Either you are choosing to play blind eye, don’t know history or doing this on purpose to push an agenda.

  23. You are just a self hating Muslim or an try to white wash other crimes by saying Muslim did worst then other religious which is not true, Muslims in Spain did control andalusia and protected it people Christians and Jews in facts Christian were killing Jews all over Europe and the Muslims in Andaluse protected them and even there is Jews doctors and thinkers that worked for the Caliphate in Andaluse which is not compared to what the Spanish and Portuguese did in South America were they killed and purge 99% of the Native population so stop this nonsense of comparetion , when Andaluse fall's and Spanish started the purge and Muslims were killed and seek refugee in Morocco the ones that stayed and Christians that were under the Caliphate rules so please go pick a history book and read and stop you fake propaganda

  24. Off you can get stabbed wherever you go, but you should look it up, the severity of crime in the UK; you’ll get stabbed for anything, cars/bikes/stores get robbed in front of the public … do we have that in here ? No.

  25. We you country accept to integrate 1 million illegal immigrant that have a completely different culture and religion and consider them self the real Africans and africa should be Black. plus Morocco is not Europe we don't have the resources and Money and enough Jobs for Moroccans how you want to integrate 1 million immigrant that most of them don't have any skills?????? Morocco will be a dangerous 😳 place in the near future if Moroccans don't wake up

  26. This discussion shifted from safety to Immigration policies.

  27. Well because safety and illegal criminal immigrants are related subjects. You clearly didn't go to Rahma or alwalfa or Weld ziane and ask the locals there.

  28. OK, now try reading the title.

  29. But they already paid the products so they will lose their money unless they do a chargeback from the AliExpress is it's in 30 days i think

  30. Black people in America be like : BLACK PEOPLE MATTER White's are RACISTS thy hate us.

  31. He's correct. The anti-Semitism comes mostly from wahhabi salafism. He also said "after", if he attacked religion he would have said "always was" and "Islam".

  32. Well islamophobi is also comes for zionists Rabbis that are considering Jews as the chosen people and Muslims and Arabs are Goyiems are "slaves" that created to serve them.

  33. Yeah it was cool from Morocco. Just don't plan to steal Moroccan lands like how you did when also the Palestinians opened their arms for you into their lands.

  34. 2M IS Running some insane Propaganda Showing zionist that left morocco and sold their Home or the one that they used to rent to took Palestinians home and land that they regret it and want their old homes back and confronting the Moroccans that they live there telling them is our house 🙄🙄🙄

  35. Drop a pin anywhere in the world and the cops there will be pieces of shit

  36. Cricket 🏏 is not a global sport , I hate watching it really it doesn't make any sense

  37. Yeah, after UAE 🇦🇪and the rest a peace with Saudi Arabia isn’t impossible. If there will be a war with Iran it will just increase the chances

  38. So you are supporting the war on Iran just that israel and USA force Saudi to take Side with you and not to be neutral 🤔

  39. As a Moroccan, everyone is invited to the party 🙂🙂

  40. Sure go and invite a criminal and rapist to your family House and make sure to introduce him to your sister also ;)

  41. Welcome to the club.

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