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  1. Nope, all I see is a bunch of rock chips, old ones at that. Let your neighbors enjoy themselves dude, they didn't torch your car.

  2. Yikes, I'm 5'10 and down below i'm average. Either would be too much lol

  3. Yeah, and back jn those days with 10$ you could buy a 12 pack of soda, 3 bags of chips and just as many big bags of skittles lol

  4. Look like an entire wiring harness and cluster for a vehicle.

  5. I found this fascinating! Id do it but on a hard plastic kayak lol. No way I would found myself swimming out of there.

  6. Had that in both my Volvo and my Acura and both times it was a temperature sensor for the automatic climate control.

  7. It's fine other than the pipe on the ground, it should be buried

  8. I am closing this post by letting you all know that my neighbor

  9. I‘d advice against welding, as it creates slag in the welding process - and you don‘t want it to come near stuff you will eat, drink or consume in another way. ;) you will likely not be able to clean it properly to be food-safe again.

  10. Thanks for your input, he would TIG weld it, therefor no flux of slag in the process. I did search for a new steam boiler and it seem to be out of stock just about everywhere. It's a 15 years old machine so parts may be getting rare. I did find some on ebay at around 100$. The machine was given to me, the only money I have into it so far are two 9$ bottles of descaler. So I think at this point i'll risk having it welded and if it's a fail, i'll get the 100$ boiler from ebay. Thanks

  11. The uhaul makes this pretty safely nefarious. Any state funding would use a state vehicle, anyone not trying to be anonymous would use their own vehicle. Oxygen and nitrogen could likely be used inside for a breathing apparatus or to keep a livable atmosphere inside a sealed tank. Vent suggests they need to purge the inside of harmful gasses.

  12. Not really. Government entities and law enforcement agencies use rental vehicles all the time around here. Especially in a time where there is a shortage of pick-up trucks everywhere.

  13. the proper way is to use a sterile saline spray that is 0.9% sodium chloride 2x a day and rinse with water while you shower. dry with non woven gauze. q tips are not advisable because they can leave fibers behind which can irritate the piercing. at least from your photo it doesn’t appear to me that you have the right anatomy for a traditional navel piercing so i recommend getting an opinion from a reputable piercer who’s not the one that originally pierced you (preferably an APP piercer which you can see if you have one near you at

  14. I've always used the NEILMED spray. I did not take a very good picture. I was sitting at my computer chair leaning forward so maybe it gives the impression that I have more guts than I actually do. I'm slander and flat... lol. Both times I had it done at a very good studio that has been in business for 15 years. They are members of the APP. There's another studio right by my work that's also a member of the APP, maybe i'll drop by and ask. Thank you for your input :)

  15. It's a suction line for the AC. Hope you didn't vent the gas though. You'll need a professional to evacuate and charge the system after.

  16. I keep them. I have a ton of spare drives. I do have a rotation as I use them for various stuff then I collect more and so on. It's an endless cycle

  17. I have the same issue and can't find a fix for it. Did a factory reset work?

  18. No, actually what fixed it was dropping it on the ground from about 3 feets... What I think it that whatever sense the orientation inside the phone was stuck.

  19. That's because it's probably switched by an electronic switch or timer. A little bit of current need to flow thru for the switch/timer to operate. This wasn't an issue with incandescent bulbs. The solution is to switch to a regular switch or mechanical timer.

  20. Absolutely not. There’s a regular switch and no timer.

  21. Then somehow there is some current still flowing thru the circuit. Maybe the switch is not opening completely.

  22. I have two Grand Caravan with the same engine and transmission as your car and they both do the same thing. I thought it was an intermittent misfire at first but there is no code and no misfire count in the ECU. Curious to see if someone has a definitive answer.

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