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  1. When will people learn not to hit women???

  2. I've heard a bit of Shlohmo and like his work. Have not heard this one yet but I'll give it a look

  3. Anyone got a link for that Gran Turismo UI?

  4. Dont tell me this is born from pain or whatever Ian Conners brand is 😭

  5. I am gagging for this set up. It's so cool!

  6. This is so cozy, I love it! I would love a nice little tucked away set up like this.

  7. I am never aware of what I look like or how I act.

  8. It is too stronk. So stronk we had to put it in a museum. The fine machine paired with the tractor chassis was too powerful. It was against the Geneva convention.

  9. As a fellow kiwi, I must know what museum this is held at.

  10. War Thunder. Fuck that shit. Don't even bother. Has taken my soul away from me.

  11. I don't blame him. I haven't played in the last month.

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