1. Going to the ER sucks, but for these symptoms I’d definitely go!

  2. I just don’t know what they would do. Also I feel a bit better now

  3. Yep I've had symptoms of mini strokes and even troponin elevations from ER visit but recent MRI showed no evidence of it. So essentially they may have been TIAs (that leave no marks)

  4. Have you found any way to prevent these from happening?

  5. My eyes have been more red lately too. I drank a ton of water and that seemed to help, I’m not sure if that would help your eyes too. But they’re more red more often than they used to be, it’s weird

  6. You’re def not alone in that feeling. There is no obligation to anything. Become a hermit on a warm mountain somewhere, eat grass and meditate. At least that’s my shitty plan.

  7. If i could survive on grass alone i would absolutely do that and I would be packing my bags right now

  8. you are not a bad person! I also had a really hard time looking for a job because I felt like any type of rejection would result in me not feeling good enough. There is this new programme called ChatGPT, simply put in the job description, and your cv into the generator and it will generate a cover letter for you. you can also just put in what kind of jobs you did and it will generate a cv for you. This is great because you can feel detached from the process.... it's not "you" they are saying no to, it's a version of you created by the AI mechanism which makes you feel protected. and I think I would like you... because I understand it's hard.

  9. Thank you I never considered this.. This is actually a good suggestion and it gave me hope. Did it produce a good cover letter/cv?

  10. I'm thinking it's caused by a big loss of energy that my body needs, like we are weak sexually

  11. How are you doing at the moment? Do you feel like you're improving or basically the same?

  12. You seem pretty bummed out, which is completely understandable. Do you want to tell us the story of what happened and talk about it? Are you ok?

  13. I'm not ok at all I have just disappointed people my whole life and nobody goes to me for anything cause they think I'm too stupid to know anything or help with anything. One time I worked at a restaurant and one of my coworkers was waving at me and I was looking right at her and I was so dissociated that I didn't even process what was happening and she just laughed at me. Another time someone was literally poking me and I didn't notice. Most jobs require you to be present and have the ability to make sense of your surroundings which is something I am inherently bad at. I've been dissociated most of my fucking life and I have a lot of health problems that make things harder and nobody will ever fucking understand it and they will just tell me to do what everyone else does because they overestimate my ability to not fuck everything up. Thanks for listening

  14. Unfortunately it happens, especially if you live in an "at-will" state. All you can do if you get let go is to dust yourself off and find a new role.

  15. I think people can be taught to do anything but they can’t be taught how to do it well, which is what the average person is able to do naturally. I need to be told how to do the same thing like 10 times before it actually sinks in.

  16. I havent been able to pay rent for 4 months. People will get more sick of me soon. But thanks for the kind words

  17. I can do 8 pull-ups right now, how long would it take to do 20? Could I get there in a month?

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