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  1. I find them very uninspired (musically speaking), even though I do like the inspiration regarding the theme, I find ithe actual reference verrry on the nose... But that's just my personal preference, of course!!!

  2. It's a Power Metal thing, its' lyrical theme is usually archetypical and simplistic.

  3. You have a good point there.


  5. Imma limp out of here. What the ostrich is that? These "comics" are so incredibly stupid.

  6. at this point i'm just glad no one was raped

  7. Devoted to die for YOUR dream specifically. Whether it happened there or fighting it would’ve happened regardless, the flow of causality

  8. they are not determined to die for him, they see him as a way to survive the war and gain from it. if you honestly think corkus would have killed himself if griffith just told him it was necessary for his dream then maybe berserk is not the right literature for you, you might just turn femboy (it will happen regardless, flow of causality)

  9. “And to ensure those weaker flames don’t die out, each man casts his owns into the strongest flames of them all, a raging fire known as Griffith” I interpreted this as each member of the hawk casting aside their dreams for Griffith. Whether or not they realize they have already decided their fate when they joined the band.

  10. The bracket can't be installed backward due to clearance with the frame. If you do, you will need to mod the frame.

  11. whats written on the grave? It looks like "I am pprovidence"?

  12. "I am Providence, and Providence is myself together, indissolubly as one, we stand thro' the ages; a fixt monument set aeternally in the shadow of Durfee's ice-clad peak!"

  13. this is obviously not supposed to be realistic, it's more of an artwork than it is a depiction of reality. interesting choice to immitate the proportions of the manga.

  14. Serpico? more like Sir Pico from Boku no Pico

  15. I think some Farnese cream got on his garb 🥵

  16. looks great! i think the behelit is shiny but this makes it look creepier gg

  17. put it as close to my prostate as humanly possible

  18. It was originally posted by someone else on comedycemetery, they didn't even bother to crosspost or give credit

  19. ah ok, i was wondering because you can post found stuff on here too

  20. Why would Griffith be going around destroying astral trees if in reality it was the idea of evil, literally his whole embodiment? Makes no sense

  21. he's not the ide of evil, he's just a guy that likes to larp and has been given admin privileges for some stupid reason

  22. thats why he killed them, because they knew

  23. they're supposed to be exploding

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