1. One of the better decisions we've made was to switch. Shit, did it feel good to tell xfinity to screw off..

  2. That's a Harvestman :) fun fact is that despite how they look they're actually not spiders, although they are arachnids.

  3. Agreed. I've gotten a lot of decent shots with my telephoto but I I'm trying lens tube extenders with my kit lens before dropping money on a true macro. Though being able to swap out lenses on the fly as we're hiking is far more difficult with the tubes.

  4. I tried tubes (have some coral macro shots on my page here I used tubes for), but found them tricky because depth of field becomes so narrow and finicky. Definitely an inexpensive way to catch the bug, but if you like macro, you'll pull that trigger sooner rather than later. It's nice being able to take some macros and then then some photos of the family back to back without having to mount/remount a lens! What system are you using?? If APS-C, look into the 7Artisans/TTartisan lenses. I know TT makes a 40mm macro that really isn't all that much more than a quality set of tubes

  5. They are adorable. I just hope people realize that mom is not far away so please do not think they are lost and catch them! Look don’t touch

  6. Truth and an excellent fact to point out! Mom was no more than 20 feet away at all times

  7. Nice one! I tend to struggle a bit and second guess on getting unusual lines framed up.

  8. Thanks a bunch, sort of a right place, right time, wrong angle sort of thing. But just had to work with what I had! Was about to lose him around the corner but managed to pop this one off before he disappeared and it ended up being one of my favorite photos from the day! I was using my Fujifilm X-T3 and XF100-400mm and this is a jpeg straight out of camera with a couple very light tweaks in lightroom

  9. Nice shot. That's the biggest thing I miss when Trail Ridge is closed...the Pikas.

  10. I feel exactly the same. I try and get up there to see em as much as I can! And thanks, appreciate the compliment!

  11. I did not. Drove right over the border back into Colorado without any incident or strong gusts. Don't worry though, I'll be back in no time! 👍👌

  12. Would never and did not a single time. Watched for cues that my presence was unwelcome and never saw any as I was keeping my distance! Don't know why you're so angry..

  13. Did you have food with you? I once had one approach me like this and I assumed it was because I had a granola bar in my pocket.

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