1. That was cool. Y’all are pussies if you think otherwise.

  2. She’s an adult. She gets to make her own decisions. Not you.

  3. I hope you don’t work in a confined office. Beef and beans for lunch all weak is going to be a Biohazard

  4. Just like a few years ago when this happened. Highway 9 through NKC will become a mad house.

  5. You can also make a mixture of 50-50 white vinegar and water. That’ll help kill the odor.

  6. Big Purse wants to maintain themselves as the only keeper of women’s goods.

  7. I’m more shocked you have an extra car battery and not an extension cord. But, COUNTRY BOYS WILL SURVIVE!

  8. You’ll be amazed to know how many people don’t give a fuck about you. Let alone what’s between your legs.

  9. Absolutely pumped! It’ll pair well with a Steelers game day!

  10. Circling Back is like your boys bull shittin’ over some beers

  11. Expected to draw 300,000 people. What percentage is visitors vs locals? It doesn’t specify.

  12. Can someone drop the link to KB’s Speed Demon song

  13. Y’all are more than welcome and capable to produce your own food. Plenty of videos out there on growing your own garden or raising cattle.

  14. Excited to clap beef cheeks with the Battle Toad Bad Boy this weekend

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