1. I just listened to the full 2 hour version. Very informative.

  2. Definitely worth the listen, a treasure trove of good info

  3. Submission Statement - A news story was released today: Deaths due to an "irregular heartbeat" are likely to be "one of the reasons" more people than usual have been dying this year - with the number well above average so far. Bret Weinstein, here, states something the media didn't seem to get when they promoted the vax as "safe"....

  4. Submission Statement - Joe Rogan talks about why he didn't get the vax & how many people he knows who got it & ended up with negative health consequences. Have a feeling there's some long-term effects people are gonna find out too...

  5. Submission Statement - here, Jordan Peterson converses with Lex Fridman about climate change. He explains why people worried about the "environment", well.... they're really not being specific enough.

  6. Submission Statement - Andrew Tate explains the REAL reason California banned the sale of gas-powered cars after 2035.

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