1. One of my managers has these, how do y’all get them? do I gotta go the corporate office?

  2. We get enough in the box for the whole store and then some. I'm a manager I can only wear shirts like these on the weekend. But all the crew members and managers get a new shirt when they come and we always have extras.

  3. Every time there's new uniform shirts they come on the truck order we get a bunch of them I don't know if your store has to pay for them or how it works I work at a franchise.

  4. There's regulars I jump for. And then there's regulars I can't stand . Some think they're so special with their little $3 orders every day and then want to stand at front counter and waive money and tap on the counter. Then there's this guy that'll come through the drive-thru and he'll just say mocha man for one or two and that means no chocolate drizzle or whipped cream 7 pumps of mocha. A new crew member taking orders is going to have no idea what he's talking about and of course he's going to get pissed off.

  5. Yup r.i.p statue guy said the town couldn't afford a new one and the old one can't be repaired.

  6. I almost bought this carded on eBay a couple weeks back swear to God. Regret not buying it . happens a lot.

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