1. It's corny. The new shit is throwing around inch thick Chicago references i.e. tavern pizza, Southside working class, Naperville, Malort, Old Style, Pequod's, ketchup, blah blah, saw it on No Reservations. This show is a grade above Chicago Party Aunt. The kitchen aspect of the show stands alone and does not really need the forced Chicagoese jammed in. The most interesting take away was whether they closed Mr. Beef while filming or filmed after hours? Protip: Patio on Taylor St.

  2. Is Patio actually good? Been there twice, beef was overcooked and shitty and dry. Great giardiniera though. Nowhere near as bad as Al's but I'd never put it in the same class as Mr. Beef or Johnnies or Boston's

  3. I get her dipped, so I might be masquerading the dry beef. Been good and consistent for the 20+ years I’ve been a patron. I mention it only because they’re not brought up very often and serve a quality product. I’d submit they’re better than Mr Beef- but it’s a matter or preference.

  4. Any chance that’s the smoke stack from the Mayfair pumping station?

  5. Never looked at it that way but yeah makes sense lol. Maybe because im a girl I grew up with shame. It almost made me feel odd to celebrate myself in sexual ways. Good point

  6. I feel like every true WGN news fan has a favorite moment from the show. For me it’s Pat’s Olympics coverage or when they covered the fake plane crash like it was real.

  7. I work in healthcare. When I worked in hospitals there were usually "nice rooms" for the "VIPs" but they weren't usually "NICE". They just had slightly more space or were quieter since they were the end of the hall, etc. ONCE though, when I was at Rush, a foreign donor had an entire 2-3 rooms reconstructed for them before they came in. It was nuts. They literally paid to have 2-3 normal rooms walls knocked down, all sorts of bougie junk installed etc, just for them. I don't recall the details, I wasn't on that unit but I did see it and saw the construction as it happened. It would've been 2011-2012ish. Before the new tower there was built, in the Atrium building. I think it was the 9th floor.

  8. Agreed. The notion of VIP care definitely insinuates there are levels of care, superior or inferior depending on status.

  9. Northwestern used to have a suite of several VIP rooms on the top floor of Feinberg. They were only rarely used and were eventually transitioned to palliative care, and that moved, and it was oncology, and eventually it was remodelled. Most of the rooms at Northwestern are nice enough anyhow, they’re mostly singles with a pull-out bed. In a lot of the older hospitals you’ll still see a double room, but from an infection control standpoint, they’re just not building ones like that these days as much as they used to.

  10. Interesting. Visualizing Logan Roy’s hospital room in the first season of Succession .

  11. This has to be J1 visa Irish kids, deepest sympathies to their landlord.

  12. Amazing you were able to capture her essence so perfectly. Not sure if it’s the hair or eyes/eyebrows- but the likeness is uncanny.

  13. Don't want to dox mysf lol. Local place in Lansing IL Ricos

  14. Rico’s is great, and they do have stocked RC cooler at the pick up window, don’t forget your RC.

  15. This is terrible writing. How do you refer to the subject by last name and withhold his full name until the second to last paragraph

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