1. So, the short answer is yes, I did find that a little immersion breaking, especially considering how celebrated they both are as swordsmen. However, mat comes from the blood of Manatheren, who we all incredible warriors and I think the idea is that he isn't just some present, but that in his culture the training and martial prowess has been passed down. Mat even mentions that they have festivals each year with men shooting arrows, and fighting with quarter staffs. So, I think you're meant to infer that Two Rivers is actually full of incredible warriors.

  2. Got it. And I guess Hammar also says the greatest sword fighter was also beaten by a quarterstaff. Idk - I didn’t love it - maybe if it was longer after he was healed it would be more believable. One of my concerns as the books go on (and remember only halfway through dragon reborn on my first read through) is I don’t very much feel like the main cast is ever in any real danger. Hopefully that changes

  3. Totally...I can also imagine in my head that maybe Glad and Gawyn were taken off guard.

  4. Glad to hear. Look forward to getting to book 4. I hear very good things

  5. I went last year to MSG and sat in section 2, should just be stairs & the stairs railing in between the 2 sections, hope that helps. The technology / camera stuff are in the middle of section 2, but shouldn’t be in the way. Can’t wait for the concerts this year

  6. Thank you! So theoretically I can cross over without going up and over?

  7. I would not bother trying to train this behavior out of the dog. People need to know that if they pet your dog they may get licked otherwise they don’t have to pet the dog. It would get awfully confusing for the dog if you start correcting or attempting to modify his/her behavior while they are greeting somebody. You want the dog to understand that greetings are a positive thing and it would be very difficult to correct the licking without it seeming like you’re correcting other aspects of a friendly greeting which could lead to uncertainty/potential issues down the road. I’d let the dog lick, if people don’t like it they don’t need to touch the dog simple as.

  8. A corollary to this is a very easy way to teach the dog to stop doing it is for the person getting licked to simply pull their hand away the second it starts. Easiest way to isolate the behavior in the dog’s mind as something that will result in the petting stopping. This will also teach you something about your dog. If the dog attempts to continue to get close to the person after they pull away, it’s likely they still want to engage and over time they will learn to stop licking. If they are fine with not being touched anymore then leave it be as the dog probably was not thrilled with being touched in the first place.

  9. Bringing some Finnish chocolate and booze will definitely get you into plenty of tailgates and people will be happy to chat with you :). Once had a couple visit from Canada and they were doing exactly what you described. We grilled some burgers and dogs for them and shared a beer.

  10. I think we, the readers, seeing as we are from Rand's perspective, are supposed to be as surprised, confused, and awed as Rand himself is. So if it doesn't make any sense, don't fret. Because it is likely intended by the author. Some more explanation will be provided later on as well, that should make things clearer.

  11. Ok great thank you for your comment. I was so confused and felt like I must’ve missed a ton of detail for this chapter to have read the way it did to me

  12. I’m under 5 feet and got the same seats! Tbh I’m glad I got anything at all (first time entering) but have the same concerns about not seeing shit. I’m gonna go and have a great time regardless :)

  13. This is my first time getting warehouse tickets as well! I think it should be fine. I am 6’1 so fortunately not too worried but I wonder how the seats are in general

  14. Check the order status. On mine, there is info about original request and what I got instead.

  15. Thank you!! I got a little too excited thinking I had pit lol. But I am not complaining!

  16. I put in my request yesterday and haven’t seen a pending charge with my credit card. Does that mean I’m SOL? It just shows as processing on the warehouse website

  17. Awful take. Breeders are more than justified in setting whatever barrier to entry for dog ownership that they like. In fact, this not only discourages impulsive people who would be terrible owners from getting a dog; it encourages people who WOULD be great owners but perhaps can’t afford a purebred dog to adopt for much cheaper.

  18. I am so tempted but it’s a steep price. I wanna be convinced so bad lol

  19. There’s nothing quite like this hitting at the right part of the set, crowd is loose, and these lines getting belted. Agree with you 100% on this. Even if I’m listening to the studio version I can’t help but get chills sometimes during these lines

  20. Did you guys all catch the American baby intro tease? Awesome show

  21. It’ll never happen but life long busted stuff chaser, next up would be full American baby intro

  22. Any idea why they busted that out (no pun intended) for a few shows in 2010?

  23. #41 is just absurdly wrong. I can't let you get away with that, lol. I could name 5 versions off the top of my head that run circles around the studio version.

  24. Let me defend myself on the #41 take lmao. I know it’s insane but I can’t get the same prominent sax (imo the best part of the song) on any of the live versions.

  25. That part is true, though if you saw the band in its peak (widely considered 1998-2004), then you'd understand why the setlists weren't "outstanding".

  26. The encores were pretty weak but they hit Say Goodbye, Pig, the Stone, and Stay. Not to mention the regular hits

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