1. I love when he sings softer like this. Seems like ages since he has.

  2. We can't come back from this mountain of injuries. We're fielding a VFL side at the moment.

  3. Girls gone wiiild...Girls gone wiiiiild...

  4. I'm disgusted in myself for tipping against the boys. Can't believe we're dominating Geelong like this

  5. We do have 8 of our best 22 out. One of which is our best player this year in Danger.

  6. Your best player this year has been Jeremy Cameron and you know it

  7. Nope. Danger has been incredibly important to us. It wouldn't get near Cameron without the performances Danger has put in.

  8. Brayshaw believes it gives him sexual powers.

  9. It's the funniest glitch for mine. Harmless and easily fixable (but I hope it never is).

  10. Sav was awful today. Really disappointed in his effort. Thank God that mids and forwards had a blinder

  11. I was downvoted to oblivion for saying it, but he is clueless back there most times. Henry should take his spot as soon as he's back because I just don't see what the hype is for outside of some nice marks. He's an awful kick and makes terrible decisions consistently.

  12. Is it just me or has our backline let in some very big scores this year?

  13. Sorry, but Esava is a crap football player. I just don't see what others see. He gets bags kicked on him constantly and has next to no footy IQ.

  14. So he isn't paid to do a job at Port? It's just a hobby?

  15. Terrific response. Go the insult rather than providing a response with any substance.

  16. This has to be up there with "it looks like PS2 graphics" for the most overdone jokes on new AFL game trailers.

  17. Call me crazy but the names for Hearing Voices and But here we are kinda reminds me of Bloc Party in some way

  18. The album art is the same and Bloc Party has a song called 'So Here We Are'.

  19. Think it was just you. Mark and Tom looked really comfortable together and Mark genuinely laughed at several things Tom said.

  20. The games have been so lifeless. How many people honestly wouldn't have preferred Collingwood v St Kilda at the MCG?

  21. Not sure how to feel about that second half. Felt like a team just going through the motions.

  22. I guess it's an unpopular opinion, but I really don't enjoy this gather round. It jeopardises integrity of the season and reminds me of the COVID years with dead crowds at neutral grounds. Just as things were getting back to normal, we're chomping at the bit to introduce weird stuff like this.

  23. Fair points but the afl constantly compromises the competition

  24. So that makes it OK, I guess. I was right that it was an unpopular opinion.

  25. Too early to tell, it was against the worst team in the comp

  26. Technically, we were the worst team in the comp going into this. ;)

  27. I don’t wanna overreact but we’re not gonna lose another game this year

  28. I like to think of myself as a very composed person, but I would correct this year to this decade.

  29. Buckley going all in on a crappy take here.

  30. Stewart should have been the captain. Error of judgement on that one, in my opinion.

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